For Immediate Release 

August 8, 2009




BOSTON, MA–The Boston Red Sox issued the following statement today after announcements made by the Major League Baseball Players Association and David Ortiz:


The Players Association made clear in its public statement today that there are substantial uncertainties and ambiguity surrounding the list of 104 names from the 2003 survey test.  Indeed, there is even uncertainty about the number of players on this 2003 government list, whether it is 104, 96, 83, or less.  Many of those uncertainties apparently relate to the use of then-legal nutritional supplements that were not banned by Baseball.

David vigorously denied ever buying or using steroids.  As important, Major League Baseball has informed us that David has been tested every year since the implementation of the MLB/MLBPA program in 2004 and, under the program, he has been tested 15 or more different times.  We have been informed that, during this entire 6-year period (2004-2009), David has never tested positive for a steroid. Also during this period, David voluntarily submitted himself to the Olympic standard of drug tests administered in connection with the World Baseball Classics in 2006 and in 2009.  We are informed he did not test positive for steroids under those tests either, and he participated actively in both international tournaments.

Last week, David said he would keep people informed after he personally looked into reports of his inclusion on the 2003 survey test.  He has done so.  David Ortiz is a team leader, and his contributions on the field and in the community have earned him respect and a special place in the hearts of Red Sox Nation.



  1. tigersrule8809

    Hey Red Sox fans…. how does it feel for your goon youkilis charge the mound and get taken down when he got there!!!!

  2. juliemoore

    I never realized how big red sox nation was until the last year or so. It is pretty neat when they are playing away from Fenway Park, our fans are louder than the home team fans. I know we waited a long time. Once upon a time our famous saying was “Wait till next year” but in 2004, that changed. Even though I am a die hard Red Sox Fan, I love to see different teams make the play offs and/or win the world series. I hope that everyone who goes pro in any sport, get the chance to shine!!

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