Red Sox Magazine Sneak-Peek!

2 days ahead of it’s actual release to the general public, my good friends here in the Red Sox Publications department of the Front Office decided to offer a free preview of the magazine to fans starting today.

Check out when you get a chance.  You can actually flip through 12 pages of the magazine and see video from the cover shoot with Tek and Victor (if you ever thought there might be some unpleasantness between the two, I think you’ll see by their interaction, that they’re just fine).


“The Voice of the Nation”





    This picture is making me laugh. Is there SMILING in Baseball? There’s no SMILING in Baseball! haha, bet their moms are proud though. riley


    The magazine looks really good. Is it only available in the Boston area? Or will there be a way to subscribe and get it delivered out-of-state? I love the Red Sox and always want to stay on top of the action. -Paul, baseball coupons


    I have been waiting for this culmination since late October 2008!! was at the game 10/2/09 and found it very, very difficult to leave the ballpark that night…it was emotional, and a bit surreal..oriole feeder

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