To clear up any confusion…

When I came into the office this morning, a lot of people said they heard incorrect information about the uniforms today.  So, just to clarify a couple of things, I wanted to state the following:  The “B” logo hat (which we all know and love), will be worn every time we don our home white primary uniform.  It will also be worn every time we wear our new primary road jersey (seen below in gray).  The hanging sox hat (modeled quite well below, by an unnamed member of the Front Office) will ONLY be worn as part of the alternate red and blue uniforms.


Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox

If you have any questions about the uniforms, just let me know!

At this point, I think I’m officially a registered expert in the field of Red Sox uniforms (I’ve been doing a lot of research on the topic today, so that I’ll know what I’m talking about).

All the best from the Front Office!

“The Voice”




    Thank you Insider for clarifying. I just got the nerve up to finally get the “B” tattoo on my arm, the same day the new uniforms were announced, so imagine my surprise had the “hanging sox” been deemed the primary logo… Oh well!

    On a different note, if we announce a deal for Teixeira, my headline for the event will be: “Say it IS so Theo, say it is so!” What a fantastic move! Merry Christmas to you Insider, the front office, and to all of Red Sox Nation! What a 2009 it’s shaping up to be…


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