Fenway Park Yard Sale!

Wow…I was just at our first-ever Fenway Park Yard Sale.  People are getting some great gifts for their friends and family down here today…The yard sale was open today for citizens of Red Sox Nation who were selected at random. 


Megan LaBella/Boston Red Sox

Basically, we opened up a whole bunch of items that we either found deep inside Fenway Park, or that were removed during construction/renovation of the Park.  There are some really great peices of memorabilia down there.  There are framed pictures of players, game worn player jerseys, game used player bats, bricks from Fenway Park, actual seats from Fenway Park, tables chairs, media guides, etc. etc.



Megan LaBella/Boston Red Sox

Everything is actually really resaonably priced (way under what they would sell at any memorabilia store).


Megan LaBella/Boston Red Sox



Megan LaBella/Boston Red Sox


Good times at the Great Fenway Park Yard Sale!

All the best from the Front Office,

“The Voice of the Nation”



  1. fruitgirl

    I was a bit disappointed in the Yard Sale, there was not much there, and it was picked-over. There should have been some players there. Maybe a nice press conference going on at the same time announcing the signing of our Captain !! Geez. Why is it taking so long ? He is amazing, let’s go guys, please !! I am not getting any younger. I met a guy at the Yard Sale who was wearing a 2007 World Series Ring, and he let my son Sam try it on, that was very cool !! My son will never forget that, and I have a great photo memory of it too. You have a great crew of employees there at Fenway/Red Sox. The ticket office people were great too. Tell your boss that fruitgirl was there, and she approves of the people there, there is just one that is currently missing………Jason Varitek !!!

  2. soxinsider

    haha, fruitgirl, I’ll be happy to pass along the message! I’m glad Sam got to try on the ring! What did he think? The responses I usually get are, “it’s so heavy!” or “are those diamonds real?!”

  3. lukescooto@yahoo.com

    I purchased some of the big seat section signs, they were huge and a yellowish green color, and I also purchased some of the speaker sets. Is there currently any known pictures in existence of those signs and the speakers in that room during the yard sale, so I can basically even attempt to prove that I purchased them from the red sox and that they are actual fenway park signs and speakers. I just spent 4 hours scouring the internet and looking at thousands of random pics and i couldnt find anything. Im wondering if any staff might have taken some pics and could possibly forward me a few please? It would be greatly appreciated. Also, I talked with a staff member there, and just mentioned that Im a Silver Level Powerseller on eBay and could possibly be of some assitance in selling off some of the items that didnt completely sell out and maybe some other items that the park has in storage and might want to sell at a good price online, possibly with a portion going directly to thier favorite charity, thus getting some good press, making money, and clearing out some items that might normally be thrown away or just sit there for years. He advised me to email the sox with my proposal, but never furnished me with the correct email address to send it to. Do you think you could point me in the right direction of someone I can give more details to and see if this might interest managment? Its win win for everyone. Thank you.

  4. fruitgirl

    Yes, Insider it was heavy and large !! It was so beautiful too. I saw both rings there, and wondered….what design would they have chosen if they had won again in 2008 ?
    They came so close to the big series, so they must have had a design in mind. The “B” and the “Hanging Sox” were both already used, so what else ? Anyways, my son Sammy is 10, and when he went to school on Tuesday, he told EVERYONE who would listen about trying on the Ring, he will always remember that, and the guy that let him is my Hero. We smiled all the way back to Maine !

  5. jbigos

    Hey Insider,

    I know this is way late, but I can’t thank the Red Sox organization enough for the opportunity to attend the Great Fenway Park Yard Sale. True enough, that by the time I entered at noon, the stuff was pretty picked over, but with a little digging, I came away with some real gems.

    I want to that the gentleman who was “working the bricks.” He made sure that my son, friend, and I went home with authenticated MLB tagged bricks. He was so nice, digging through the piles with a smile. He must have been tired after it was all over!

    The rest of the staff was very accommodating while we dug deep into the contents of the cartons. I brought home some unique books, some of which had been signed by their authors, or gifted to someone who had worked at Fenway. True yard sale finds. I got enough postcards of the park and World Series pins to surprise my loved ones with stocking stuffers at Christmas. While I was on a strict budget, and couldn’t afford some of the items I was longing for, I most certainly went home with full shopping bags and plenty of memories of a fun and exciting day.

    My many, many thanks to the Red Sox organization, I’ll bet there isn’t another team in major league baseball to hold an event like this. By welcoming fans into the park for these types of events we feel that we are more a part of a family than a nation. And thank you, Insider, I forgot my camera, so I really appreciate your pictures of the event.

    I hope we can look forward to another yard sale in the future!

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