No Tex? No problem?

This guy seems to be headed to the Bronx…(so instead of picturing him in a Sox uniform, does anybody have a good caption for this photo they’d like to share?)

teixiera.jpgIf you believe the reports that have been coming in today, it sounds like Mark Teixiera has agreed to an 8year contract with the New York Yankees.

I wish I could give you the Front Office reaction to this news, but alas, I had already left for the holidays.  Buuuut…if I had to imagine what the reaction would have been, it would have gone something like this, “well, it would have certainly been nice to have him, but heck, we have Mike Lowell!”  Lest anyone forget, Mike Lowell also goes by the title of “2007 World Series MVP.”

To be quite honest with you…I’m ok going into the 2009 season with him at 3rd base, and Youk at first base.

Here’s some food for thought…Can you name who Player A and Player B are?:

Player A:

.312 Batting Average

29 Home Runs

115 RBI

.390 On Base Percentage

Player B:

.308 Batting Average

33 Home Runs

121 RBI

.410 On Base Percentage

Here’s the big hint – One is Mark Teixiera and the other is Kevin Youkilis (both of whom coincidentally, happen to be Gold Glovers at first base).  Still thinking about it?  C’mon, give it your best guess.  Guess now.  Ok, now look at the bottom of this entry for the answer.  Kudos to those folks that knew off-hand which was which.  Now even if you guessed right, did you really think it would be that close?

Which begs the question – do you think Youk will get this same kind of contract?

And also,now that Teixiera is seemingly getting fitted for pinstripes…where would you like to see us direct our attention (and dollars)?  Somehow, I feel like I might get a lot of “TEK!!” responses.  With that said, who else do you think we should go after??

All the best from a Front Office on Holiday Break (though, to be honest, we never really stop working),

“The Voice of the Nation”

STATS ANSWER: Player A is Kevin Youkilis.  Player B is Mark Teixiera. 




  1. sankeesyuck

    after all the hype i am really very glad to NOT get Tex… like you said, will Youk get anywhere near that contract!?!? I think Youk is invaluable to this team, right after DP, and just in front of Lowell… Papi is great but day after day these three guys are the ones you want busting their chops so hard ( which they do each and every at-bat, every play). It feels so much better not to have to worry about what to do with Lowell…i mean, what do you do? NOT sign Tex… i also hope that the universe of NY fans start to understand why they can’t afford to go to any games , especially if they still lose, which is possible. maybe the yanks will sign Manny, too, and we can all await the circus. another thing, is the caption ” thank god the yankees pulled through cuz i thought maybe everyone was getting tired of dealing with Borass”

    peace and MC to all, especially the nucleus of the RS team… let’s ask the FO to concentrate on upping Youk’s pay drastically, retaining Paps and the other youngsters on their way, and… resigning TEKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!

  2. juliasrants

    I was never in favor of the Red Sox getting Tex! I have always wanted it to be Youk & Lowell (and yes, I ranted about it often and LOUD!) Caption for the photo – “Damn, now I have to fight C.C. to get to the front of the lunch line!” I have complete faith in my Red Sox and I firmly believe that we will be the team celebrating come next October. You can buy players but you can’t buy the heart & soul that makes a team! Now, if we can just resign Tek & get Lowe back! Happy Holidays to you!


  3. mlob2

    Acquiring Mark Teixeira would have created some flexibility in terms of talent available to trade to improve identified weaknesses within the organization at both the major league and minor league levels and would have improved the offensive capabilities of the ballclub (which is already topnotch), and provided insurance in the event Big Papi does not rebound, but missing out on him is not the end of the world. I like the idea that Lars Anderson might get a few major league at bats this season as a result of Tex signing elsewhere…looking forward to that. Bard is another guy I hope gets to drink a cup of coffee or two during the season. If (and it’s a big if) the club were willing to trade prospects and expendable major league talent I would like to see them go after Joe Mauer, but only if they could lock him up with a long-term contract. Brian Fuentes is a free agent signing that would improve the bullpen and even make other trade opportunities materialize. I’m not too keen on trading prospects for a Peavy though, because you can never be sure how a change of scenery will affect a pitcher.

  4. redbaronsoxfan

    I’m relieved we’re not getting Tex, actually…There’s something about these “$uper$star$s” that just doesn’t seem right for Boston! Just looking at ManRam… We’ll beat the Yankees again, with grit and determination!

    And of course you’re going to get “Tek!!” responses! Let’s get him re-signed ASAP!

  5. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Player A: Kevin Youkilis
    Player B: Tex.
    By the way, I didn’t look at the above comments so I’m not sure if they responded or not. I completely agree though, we never needed Tex! We have Lowell!! Have a great Holiday!


    Pitching, Pitching, and more pitching! It is all about Pitching! Hey, I know Jake Peavy may not want to come to Boston, but I wonder if a visit and some love from the Red Sox GM and owner would change that feeling (a ride in Mr. Henry’s jet may not hurt either)?

    I also would like to see Willie Bloomquist or Alex Cora resigned. I like Jed Lowrie, but I worry about a sophmore slump and there are some bargains out there right now. JJ Hardy would make me feel warm and fuzzy too. How about another lefty in the pen, Will Ohman anyone (Brian Fuentes might be too much to wish for)?

    To the Red Sox front office, don’t worry about it. I have a problem with spending so much money on a player(s) when I have spoken to at least three people who have been laid off this week alone. We should be thankful for what we have ie. Bowden, Masterson, Bucholz, Bard, Ellsbury and Lars Anderson.


    Masterson is very valuable in the bull pen. Therefore, the Red Sox should find a veteran fourth starter. And, if Beckett or anyone else go down temporarily, Masterson or, better – Bucholz or Bowen – step in. Randy Johnson for a year might have been a good idea, but it’s too late for that. Also, count me as a Peavy guy. Had the Red Sox gotten Tex, the next step would have been Lowell, Bucholz, and another “good” minor leaguer for Peavy. Imagine Tex and Peavy added to the Red sox lineup!!!! Red Sox: Go get Derek Lowe or another #3 or higher starter!!!! By the way, the earlier comment comparing Youk and Tex, which indicated they had very similar stats, is the WRONG comparison. To be fair, Youk would be here in any event – the right comparsion is Tex vs. Lowell.

  8. aries

    I was very happy we didn’t get Tex. If Iwas advising the front office, I would give Jason what he wants and go after a young power hitting catcher. One with a good arm and eye sight. A promising minor leaguer who has that sparkle a good scout always recognizes. Star quality!

    You never have enough pitching; so I would beaf this area in the bull pen too.

    Caption: Yanks get Tex;watch now for the club house show coming in 09 in New York;Manny’s next!

    Red Sox Rule by Holley–get the book Voice.

    Hope your holidays were pleasant. Happy New Year.


  9. aries

    To The Voice;

    Please take my comment above seriously. We need Jason. The Red Sox ownership needs to reward players who like where their playing and want to stay. Jason has earned the right to get what he wants despite last year’s stats. If the money was there for Tex; it needs to be there for Jason and Youk.

    I wished at time I owned the Sox because I believe players who play hard and with lots of heart have earned the right to get what they want. It speaks loudly to other players on the team and in the system. The fans, working stiffs of New England respect these two players and are filling the seats because this is the new Red Sox. Stars who hustle and love playing the game.

    When I get home I expect AN e-mail from you. This is serious stuff!


  10. lvbasebll

    I had reservation about signing Tex.I would rather someone like gabe kaplar on the sox.He played hard and usual produced when call up on,and he’s right handed.We still need bull pen help,and a catcher that can handle Wakefieldwether its minor league or big league.

  11. lvbasebll

    Oops forgot, Jason Varitek though I don’t understand,his demanding a contract in line with what he was making,when he was younger and had a bad year offense wise,he is still one of t6he better catchers calling a game,and would be a great teacher,for a new prospect.Though Cash wasn’t very good offense wise,he kept Wakefield in a few games with his glove,now who will catch him.Give Tek his contract with incentives,and move the back stop closer,lol.

  12. waz67

    Thanks, for not spending this kind of money, as paplebon said we are building a future and with the core and a strong foundation we will always be contending and that is the most important thing – we know how to close know but tines we need to do it faster.

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