Updated Player songs!!!



Ellsbury – “Let It Rock”, Kevin Rudolf (f. Lil’ Wayne)

Pedroia – “Dre Day”, Dr. Dre

Ortiz – “Somos De Calle”, Daddy Yankee; three tracks from the album “My Destiny” by Yomo; plus one unknown

Youkilis – “Just A Friend”, Biz Markie

Drew – (no music)

Bay – “Alive”, Pearl Jam

Lowell – “Bombtrack”, Rage Against The Machine

Varitek – “Kryptonite”, 3 Doors Down

Kottaras – “Going Back To Cali”, The Notorious B.I.G.

Baldelli – “All Along The Watchtower”, Jimi Hendrix; “Strange Times”, Black Keys

Green – “Turn My Swag On”, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em


Bailey – “Moby Dick”, Led Zeppelin

Lowrie – “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, The Offspring

Carter – “Stronger”, Kanye West



Beckett – “Living Hard”, Gary Allan

Lester – “I Use What I Got”, Jason Aldean

Wakefield – “How Bad Do You Want It”, Tim McGraw

Penny – “Red Rider”, Lunatic Fringe

Smoltz – “The Fightin’ Side Of Me”, Merle Haggard

Buchholz – “Would?”, Alice In Chains

Delcarmen – “Boston”, MAV Entertainment

Jones – “My Wave”, Soundgarden

R. Ramirez – “Lucha”, Nancy Amancio

Saito – “Bad To The Bone”, George Thorogood & The Destroyers

Bard – “Strangle Hold”, Ted Nugent

Okajima – “The Oki-Doki”, Tatami

Papelbon – “I’m Shipping Up To Boston”, Dropkick Murphys

Matsuzaka – (unknown)


None Yet:

Martinez, Kotchman, Bates



  1. castleisland9

    I think Papelbon or Bard’s song should be “Shut em Down” by Public Enemy. Anybody coming in to that beat is gonna be an instant rock star. Drew’s song should be the theme song for Casper the Friendly Ghost. The irony of him being so unfriendly mixed with his ghost like presence is perfect! Dude desperately needs a personality!!!!

  2. fruitgirl

    I always thought that “Hell’s Bells” by AC DC was so appropriate for Josh Beckett. I workout to it, and it gets the blood pumping! They could all benefit from finding new intro songs. Change can be beneficial in this case !!

  3. rascoli

    As a new fan via the Victor Martinez trade, I believe his song might be “Rosalia” by Juan Luis Guerra. I’m not sure if it’s changed though.

  4. angell1156@hotmail.com

    What is the song playing while the Red Sox starting lineup is being introduced while showing various player highlights on the scoreboard. The song has no lyrics but a very catchy beat.
    thank you in advance 🙂

  5. billpoko@yahoo.com

    I’m new to blogging but this is basically to TETO Terri Francona!! Terri my best thouhgts are for us to win the WS is of course to take NY in the ALC . I know we’ll get there but to win I suggest to use the best we have right now & push for the wins. 3 for 5,3 in NY 2 at home. If dicek is back and in shape put him in NY then Lester! 1 or 2 wins, if not 1 then at home Becket & Buckholtz. We should have 3 for 4 if not Lester can be up for game 5..Don’t forget to use the strenght of the bul pen and I mean the strengh. Let’s get another Ring this year. Somebody get this to TETO!!!!!!!!!!!

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