Register for Opening Day and Yankees tickets, Green Monster seats and More!

Thought you’d like to know….While regular season tickets are still available, as on Noon today, you can also begin registering for the Random Drawing for Yankees and Opening Day tickets, as well as Green Monster and the Right Field Roof Deck seats!

Click here to register!

And if you win a chance for these tickets in the Random Drawing, I fully expect you to send me an email ( with a picture of you on top of the Green Monster, or some such thing as a thanks for letting you know about this opportunity before you could find out about it anywhere else!

Good luck everybody!

All the best from a very snow-bound Front Office,

“The Voice of the Nation”



  1. fruitgirl

    Done! See how easy and quick someone can do something they want to do? Maybe this weekend a deal will be struck for the missing piece to our Red Sox team-our Captain.
    Jon Lester appeared at Sacred Hearts University in Connecticut this weekend and said if he constructed a pro baseball team, Jason Varitek would be the FIRST player on it, and he would build the team around him !!!!! That Jon Lester is a real stand-up guy with guts!
    Bought some tickets this week, the gentleman on the telephone taking my ticket order was absolutely fantastic. He was very helpful and answered all my questions. That’s Service ! Keep up the good work sweetie.

  2. soxinsider

    haha, who is the “sweetie” comment intended for? The gentleman from the ticket office? I’m sure whoever he is, he’ll be quite flattered.

  3. fruitgirl

    It was meant for both of you. I write the way I talk, sorry if I made you blush! You are fortunate that this is online, because I am a hugger.

  4. fruitgirl

    So Good !! So Good !! So Good !! I am beyond happy today. My Captain is back !! I want to spread joy to all the good girls and boys of Red Sox Nation. Cannolis for everybody !! Woo Hoo !!! I am sooooo happy Insider, I am sending you a Big Cyber Hug !! And one for Julia’s Rant too !! My goodness it has been a long time since I have been this happy. ((Please give my boyfriend in the ticket office a big hug from me too, ok insider ?))

  5. fruitgirl

    Yeah, Mr. Insider : Will there be an official press announcement? If so, when? Kryptonite is blaring from my MP3 player for my Captain !!


    While I appreciate getting Jason back on board, lets not stop there. Its obvious that his future replacement (Kelly S.) isnt here any longer. Please make the trade for Teagarden while there still is time to take advantage of Jasons expertise with the staff. His knowledge would be invaluable to a good young catcher.

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