Red Sox Nation Governor’s Conference Call!

So, just before the weekend, I was allowed in to observe (well, more like creepily listen in on) a set of conference calls that included the Governors of Red Sox Nation.

ben cherington.jpg

I have to tell you…very very interesting stuff.  Each call began with a representative from our Baseball Operations department giving their insight on the makeup of the 2009 team.  Amiel Sawdaye, Assistant Director for Amateur Scouting, and Vice President/Player Personnel, Ben Cherington both gave the Governors their insight as to how the offseason has gone, and the direction of the team.  For the calls that I was privy to, Ben Cherington gave the Baseball updates.  He was great – running down the direction of the team, goals for the future, he touched on some of our offseason deals and needs.  For example, he detailed how the team has evolved from one that would “bludgeon pitching staffs in ’03 and ’04” to one that now is “much more multi-dimensional (fielding, base running, etc.).

He also pointed out that we can still hit with the best of them (2nd in runs scored in all of 2008), but that one of our greatest strengths is now the “group of young pitchers that we control in/approaching their prime.”

I have to say, it was just really cool to hear his inside perspective.

The two conference calls I was able to listen to were those for the New England Governors, and those for the Southern Governors (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia).

With the Governors on one end of the conference call and an assortment of Red Sox Front Office folks (multiple VPs), discussion ranged from the new benefits of Red Sox Nation citizenship to the challenges of getting to Fenway.  If you live in one of those states, you ought to be very proud of your Governors, because they came up with some great ideas and suggestions as to how we (the Red Sox) can better serve our fans.

If you are one of the Governors and are reading this, thanks for all your input!  If you are not one of the Governors, I would encourage you to reach out to your Governor as soon as possible.  If there was one thing that they said they wanted more than anything else, it was to hear from the Red Sox fans in their states.  We now have a Governor in every US State, so get in touch with them!  Even just shoot them an email to say hi.  TRUST ME, they’ll appreciate hearing from you!  You can find out who your Governor is, and contact them by clicking right here!

Ok, that’s all I got for now, I just wanted to share the latest here from the Front Office!


“The Voice of the Nation”

PS – To see the Red Sox Nation “watch-parties” that have been held ALL around the country take a look at the photos right here!  And if you’re living in a state and don’t see your picture in the gallery, contact your Red Sox Nation Governor to find out where the next “watch party” will be held!  They’d love to see you there!



  1. ctgov

    I must say it was pretty cool to get an update from Ben Cherington – that doesn’t happen everyday! Ditto the suggestion that folks get in touch with your governor’s – it is our role to listen, gather feedback and get answers to your Sox questions – so e-mail away!


  2. kansasrsngovernor

    I loved being able to participate in the conference call with all the rest of the Governor’s. It was nice to finally speak with each of you in person, versus e-mail and other forms less personal communication. I am looking forward to the next call!

    Jonathan Sherman
    Governor, RSN Kansas


    I just wanted to note that days after I suggested adding a year to Variteks offer, it happened….I’m not saying, I’m just saying!

    BoB Lever
    Governor, RSN North Dakota

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