Truck Day – Tomorrow!!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Truck day.jpg                                Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox

Since the off-season signings have come relatively slowly this season, and because there are still a lot of big names out there, I just can’t believe “Truck Day” is already here!

Tomorrow morning, the Red Sox equipment truck will get packed up by our very great clubhouse workers, and as it departs, it will be followed by a 48ft flatbed truck full of Fenway Ambassadors, and Citzens of Red Sox Nation (who were chosen at random earlier this week).

For the first time in Red Sox history, among the boxes loaded on the truck will be one full of emails sent in by fans wishing the team good luck.  If you’d like to have your email and well-wishes accompany the truck down to Spring Training, just shoot me an email ( by Noon tomorrow (Friday).

All the best from inside the Front Office!
“The Voice of the Nation”



  1. fruitgirl

    Thanks Insider!
    Laser, huh? Hope it turned out great for you.
    The long offseason is coming to an end soon, then the craziness begins. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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