Blog party tonight! Who’s in??

Now 457 sellouts and counting…

As we head into the final game of this Tampa Bay series, I want to give you a heads-up as to something we’re going to try out tonight.  Tonight from the start of the game, till the end of the game, I’ll be right here, blogging with you, play-by-play.  Besides commenting on the game, I’ll also take any questions you might have about working in the Front Office, or anything else that might be on your mind.  So come on here during the game, leave a comment and we’ll follow the game together!

Now, here’s what’s putting dents in the Green Monster this week…

In the “why didn’t we start doing this a long time ago” column…we’ve started a new program this week, where following a game at Fenway, you can now take “post-game tours.”  These tours are really designed for a VIP experience of the Park (ie. impressing a hot date, celebrating an Anniversary, a birthday, wooing the all-important client, or just a big day for the family. 

During these tours, you not only get to have your picture taken in front of the Green Monster, but you get to take a peek inside the Green Monster – which, if you’ve never done, is a must.  You also receive an authenticated American League game-used baseball, a souvenir sample of the warning track dirt, and a discount to the Bleacher Bar restaurant.  Tickets are $50 a person and can only be purchased during the game at Red Sox Nation booths throughout the ballpark.  Now, I’m fully aware that this could be a bit too pricey for some (most notably yours truly), but I think for someone who’s trying to really impress a date, or wants to make their trip a really special occasion, I think this is a very cool option.  And sure to impress…

Anyhow, speaking of the Bleacher Bar, if you haven’t been yet, you should definitely plan on making a trip there.  It’s already one of my favorite places around Fenway.  It’s small, but the music is the best you’ll find in any of the bars – a bit of jazz and classic rock.  And from what I’ve heard the sandwiches are fantastic – I’m having lunch there later this week, so I’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date.  And the view of the ballpark, right out in centerfield can’t be beat.

But really, all the buzz this week, as I mentioned in the Insider newsletter, has been all about our fans breaking the MLB record for consecutive sellouts.  It’s been a huge focus of our owners and pretty much everyone in the organization.  And if you were here on Monday, or at least got to see some of the festivities on the TV broadcast, I hope you got a sense of how thankful we truly are for all of your support. 

My favorite moment of the day came when a fan received a commemorative ticket, said a polite “thank you,” then looked up, and noticed the person who had given her the commemorative ticket was Mike Timlin.  Her eyes tripled in size and she screamed “Holy (cow)!” right in his face.  Classic.  It was just her uncontrollable knee-jerk reaction.

Ok, well, I’ll be back around 7pm tonight…so I’ll hope to see a lot of you then!

All the best from inside the Front Office,

“The Voice of the Nation”


WOW! I am a marketing professional so I have to say from the way you picked the fans to throw out the first pitches to the numbers on their jerseys to the team handing out tickets – looks like it was an amazing event! Congrats and Go Sox!

Phew, Beckett got out of that one, can breath now!!!

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