Who’s here?? Anybody? Bueller?? Bueller?

Write a question or comment below…I’ll be here throughout the game (well, so long as you are!)


Fan interference? What do you think??

Pedroia is amazing…he’s tied it up 1-1 with an RBI double!

7 K’s for Beckett after 4 innings

2 Outs in the Fifth. Need to get Pena out!

Come on Beckett, find your touch and get this last out.

ahh…finally, some company! I’m calling a grounder to Pedroia to end the inning.

pop out to Bay!

ok…or a long scary fly ball…either way, at least he’s out of the jam!!

FINALLY….and I called the wrong corner of the outfield.

time for the bats to get going.

OK, we got something now, let’s keep it going Sox!!!

way to get it started Lowrie!

they are mentioning Varitek…..is he going??

I have to say, I wasn’t sure to expect with Lowrie when he was called up, but he has not disappointed. Sorry if this is patting ourselves on the back, but great work by our Baseball Operations department.

Lowrie has proven his stay with the Sox. Getting good hits, working the field well with Pedroia, not a bad move at all. It goes to show, we have multi-talented players!


I hate the shift!!



Showing off the glove work!!


a quick inning…time to keep the rays in the field and score some runs

now are you folks watching the game on NESN or ESPN?

ESPN HD…..stuck in Albany, NY. How’s Don and Rem Dog doing?

they’re doing well, as always. They’re talking about how this guy doesn’t have an overpowering pitch, but how the combination of his pitches work effectively to keep the hitters off balance.

true. really keeping the sox batters off balance. another inning down.

let’s see if my boy Okajima can give us a solid inning…I don’t care if he’s had some tough spots this year, I still like the guy.

Its good he gets to get in on this tight game…shows that Tito has confidence in him. He looks good so far!

Great hustle!

nice glove work tonight….all around. Good work, Okaji!

time for a stttttrrrrrreeeeeetch!

they have to start swinging the bats….looks like the ump is calling them all over the plate!

just like that Varitek!

yeah, that last strike to Kotsay was way high according to the “Amica Strike Zone” on NESN

This game is going to come right down to the wire…good thing I just loaded up on gummi bears from the break room!

Our hitters have to recognize that and get a little more aggressive…Lets go OKI.

uh oh…Okaji

nervous now with Pena on second..Get tough OKI.

Orsillo just said “And Francona is sticking with Okajima…” with a lot of trepidation in his voice…

I think he might be done after this…haven’t seen if anyone is up in the pen?

yeah, Masterson was up even before Okaji threw a pitch this inning. So I would think he’s on a pretty short leash.

ok, lets hope for a double-play. Good move Tito! Lets go Masterson.

now Delcarmen and Lopez are up in the pen

I’m at the edge of my seat. coming down to the bullpen!

setting up a double-play ball….here we go Justin!!!

OK? Whats going on with the Ump………Lets get the DP!

induce that DP. come on JM!

I’ll take the strikeout here!


NICE!!!! Come on! One more!!!

Little breathing room…SOX FAITHFUL GETTING INTO IT!

JUSTIN…JUSTIN!! My blood pressure is going down a bit.

WOW…great work! I really didn’t think we were going to get out of that inning unscathed.

Nice job by the young Masterson. Got some luck there. Lets see if we bring it into the bottom and get some runs!

Lets go Papi. Lets take the lead right now!

got a runner….Lets go Jay, lets do it again!


Ok, Justin…just get us to the bottom of the ninth!

quick top then end the game in the bottom!

THere you go V-TEK!

Nice work Cash!!

The game is getting to me….my bad Cash….Nice throw!


Here we go guys! Great inning, now its time for us to take this game.

we could really use a nice emotional victory after last night…

Big win needed!

got our runner on!

way to go Carter!


ughh….he was SOOOOO Safe!!!!

Definately was. Lets go Delcarmen, throw some heat, strike the side out!!!!!

ok, enough already! let’s end this!!! Let’s go Pedie!

THere you go Delcarmen. Way to work the inning. Now lets go SOX!

seriously…he’s amazing! Now let’s knock him in!!

Nice double DP!



not what we wanted.


Like I said, multi talented…great job Lowrie!

Delcarmen’s looking good (knock on wood)…

Got his stuff working…its what we need right now.

back to the bats. LETS GO SOX! LETS GO SOX!

I feel like I may have said this…but enough already! Let’s end this! Can’t waste such a great bullpen effort~!

DEJA VU? You’re right, lets get this done now!

Lets go Jacoby

here we go again!

ughhh…i’m so tired!

nice! 2 down…


Here we go. LETS DO IT NOW!

just grabbed myself some more “lucky” gummi bears from the breakroom. Let’s hope these help!

Come on Lucky Gummi’s. Great bunt PAPI!

I got a feeling….YOOUUUK



oh boy.

get the bullpen going!

needed that!

come on….come on….

OK. Here we go. This time, we need to do it!

102nd comment, are we going to break a record??


hahaha…we may break a record by the time this game ends! Nice strikeout Lopez!!

Bringing in Timlin. Lets go T!

let’s go timlin!

come on Timlin, one more out!!



Need three now boys!!

not over quite yet…

got something brewing…..LETS GO PAPI!!!

three on and we got YOOOOUUUKKK!!

wasn’t our night. Lets move on!

well…I guess if we have to take something from this game, we can at least feel good about how our bullpen performed

They pitched well. We had chances.

thanks for chatting and keeping us company here in the Front Office!

Everyone have a good nite! Tomorrow is a new day!

…or should I say today!!!

haha, thanks! you too!

as a diehard fan, it broke my heart watching the strategy fail down the stretch. I mean, with a runner on second, no outs….why not advance that runner? The rays gave us a million chances and it appeared we gave them the key to the city. It hurts to see us not utilize our speed at most crucial times….

Crap…now I won’t be able to sleep tonight!!

2 things – If we have a pitching coach, he needs to let Papelbon know that major league ball players can hit 95-96 mph when that’s the only pitch you throw. What happened to the splitter & the slider that he threw last year so effectively.

Next – Why would Francona put Timlin in the 14th with Lopez pitching so well. That is a pathetic move that cost us the game. Timlin is done. He throws low 90’s right down the middle with no movement. He hasn’t pitched for quite a while that I can recall. Terry…he’s not your little Timmy. Poor Tim-Tim… he wants to play too. Let’s put him in because the Rays can’t hit Lopez. Why not give the Rays a chance to launch on a has-been. Alwful move by Francona… I only wish someone would have the guts in the post conference interview to ask him why? Why would you take Lopez out who at that point who was lights out and use someone else form the bullpen…Timlin of all people. Who knows how long this game will go. Wouldn’t you stick with a pitcher (Lopez) who the opposing team can’t hit for as long as you could in this situation.

Also, possibly the worst home plate umpiring I have ever witnessed. His srike zone on the right side of the plate was a full 6 inches off the plate. League officials should look at how he called this game and fine him.

Damn it, I missed all the fun. 😦

Though the last two games have been anything but fun…

I don’t want to play the Angels!!!!
There I’ve said it.

PS: WHAT is up w/ JD Drew?!?!


Had class last night and by the time I got home and turned on the TV I forgot about the live blog. The game didn’t go very well but looks like the blog was fun. Hope you do it again!

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