Tonight’s Sox lineup

Some interesting changes to the lineup tonight…Red-hot Coco Crisp will be leading off and Kotsay (who went 2-3 last night) will be back in the lineup.  The speculation yesterday was that with Scott Kazmir going tonight for the Rays, that Kotsay would be out of the lineup because Kazmir is very tough against lefties.  Also, Ortiz is out of the starting lineup – presumably due to the aformentioned difficulty for lefties against Kazmir.

1.  Coco

2.  Lowrie

3.  Pedroia

4.  Youk

5.  Bay

6.  Lowell

7.  Kotsay

8.  Varitek

9.  Bailey

SP – Daisuke Matsuzaka



1.  Akinori Iwamura

2.  Dan Johnson

3.  Carlos Pena (the pride of Northeastern)

4.  Cliff Floyd

5.  Willy Aybar

6.  Eric Hinske

7.  Dioner Navarro

8.  Gabe Gross

9.  Jason Bartlett

SP: Scott Kazmir


Please tel me anyone is really suprised that Papelbon got touched last night. The idiot has thrown 45 straight fastballs in his past appearances. Let me be the first (evidently) to tell you, you cannot expect to throw the same damned pitch to major league hitters every time and expect them not to hit it! That is why they call it pitching and not throwing. I have been talking (not blogging) about this from colorado all year with my baseball buddies. It is just like Howry on the Cubs (except he only throws about 89 so he is worse), learn how to throw a bleeping changeup!!!! I will fly back there and show you a circle-change because everyone there has been too afraid to tell you that most starting pitchers are throwing as hard as you in the eighth (Jackson, Kazmier Lester). Your stuff ain’t that great, learn how to pitch!!!!!!!!

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