ALCS Preview??

Again, I can’t really get over this new reality, but is it possible that this offseason (one in which it’s very likely the Yankees won’t participate) will feature the (Devil) Rays in the ALCS??

It’s quite possible, really.  Although they just got swept in Toronto, it still seems fairly likely that the Rays will make the playoffs.  And as we all know, all is fair game once you get there.

And while some have suggested that making the playoffs is the ultimate priority, and that it’s more important that you’re healthy rather than who you play in the first round, does anybody really want to play the Angels in the first round?  (cricket, cricket)

I didn’t think so.  That’s why I contend that the next 6 games against the Rays, and the last couple of weeks of the season for that matter, are truly important.

Now here’s the latest rumblings I’ve been able to pick up in the halls of the Front Office today…

Fans attending tonight’s game can expect some pretty cool festivities for our celebration of breaking the Major League record for consecutive sellouts.  Tonight will be the 456th consecutive regular season game we’ve sold out, breaking the previous record of 455 held by the Cleveland Indians.

Now I can’t say what these celebrations will include, but I think I’m safe in saying that they will be very fan-oriented.  It was after all, you the fans, who this record really belongs to…

So, congrats Red Sox fans!  Kudos on establishing Red Sox Nation as the best fan base in all of baseball!

And while a lot of people today are pondering what will happen to the Pats after losing Brady, my question to you all, heading into this Tampa Bay series is this…Who would you rather the Sox play in the ALDS?  The White Sox, Twins, or Angels?  (We can’t play the Rays in the first round, because they’re in our Division).


I sure wish I was gonna be at the game tonight. But I will be watching on TV. We have been to 11 games this year. And we have tickets for the game Friday night! YEAH! I think it’s awesome we set a sell out record but it’s kind of bad too for us fans that can’t go to all the games because we can’t get tickets & they cst s much. I was talking to people I know that used to go to Fenway 40 or 50 years ago. They told me lots of cool stories like you could go the day of the game and buy a ticket cheap because not many people went to the games. And you could hang out by the field and get autographs and stuff like that. It reminds me of how the North Shore Spirit games were. I went to almost every North Shore Spirit game for 5 years. I really miss the Spirit. The players & everybody there knew my name. We could hang out by the field & get autographs when the guys were on the field. It was like a big family because we all loved the North Shore Spirit. Sometimes when there wasn’t a Spirit game we would get together to watch Red Sox games. I miss the Spirit and still cry sometimes because the team is never coming back. But I’ve been a Red Sox fan since I can remember and I’m glad I still have the Red Sox and Red Sox Nation for family. I just wish I could get tickets fro every game.

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