Wow…now that was quite the game.

Spolier alert…if you’ve DVR’d this afternoon’s game, please watch and then come back and read. 

But for the rest of you who either got to watch the game from home, or were listening to it on Game Day Audio at work, or found some other means to follow it – Let’s discuss, shall we??

I mean, to me, this has all the feeling of a game that can really light the fire under the team as we head down the stretch.  I don’t want to make too big of a deal about it, because yes, it was against the Orioles, who have struggled this season, but still.  Let’s look at a couple of important factors here:

1.  This was a total team effort.  Granted, Pedroia has been unbelieveable, and continued to be so today.  But what about the bunts from Coco and Jacoby.  Or the homerun Ellsbury robbed earlier in the game.  Or the two-run triple from Kotsay??  Or the great bullpen work from Justin Masterson?  Has anybody else noticed the bullpen has been quietly doing their best ’07 impression as of late?

2.  This is not a game we were supposed to win.  Down 4-0, late, I don’t care who you’re playing.  That is an emotional win.  Going into an off-day, with a sweep, culminating in a walk-off victory is going to feel pretty neat.

Anyhow, day games are always fun here in the Front Office.  For starters, it means we get made-to-order omlets in our employee dining.  Which makes everybody a little more pleasant.  Secondly, day-time baseball is just great.  There’s a totally different atmosphere in the ballpark.  Most likely due to the fact that it is a total “Ferris Bueller” crowd – 3/4 of the people in attendance either have the flu, a terrible stomach virus, or (in the more dispicable of cases) are visting lost a loved one in the hospital.

Anyhow, as I mentioned in the Insider e-newsletter, today’s game marked the 455th consecutive sellout of Fenway Park.  This ties us for the longest string of consecutive sellouts in the history of baseball.  The Cleveland Indians held the mark at 455 during their streak which lasted from June 12, 1995 through April 4, 2001.

This really is quite an accomplishment.  For those of you younger fans, who may not remember some of the “leaner” years in Red Sox history, trust me, it hasn’t always been this way.  And as much as we hope that it continues this way for a long time, we must acknowledge that it’s possible that it might not be.  Those who are old (errr…”young”) enough to remember the ’67 Impossible Dream season, will also be able to tell you that during the first half of the ’66 season, there were hardly any fans at the ballpark.  I’m talking about like 20 seats (or more) together, just plain EMPTY.

That’s why these past 5 years in Red Sox history have been so incredible.  And that’s why this is definitely an appropriate time to take a look back and be thankful for all the great times we’ve had.  As fans we can be thankful for making the postseason every year since the streak started, with the lone exception of 2006.  We can be thankful for 2 World Series Championships, and a host of other memories.  But if I may get sappy here for a moment, we, as an organization have a lot to be thankful for as well.  We have the greatest fans in all of baseball.  That bears repeating…the GREATEST fans in all of baseball.  When the national media tells you that you all hate Bill Buckner, you respond with one of the most moving Opening Day moments I can ever remember.  When Mariano Rivera was introduced on Opening Day of 2005, you gave a great, yet respectful mock cheer.  And when Jordan Leandre ran around the bases on Jimmy Fund Day a couple of years back, you knew exactly how profound a moment that was.  Again…the greatest fans in all of baseball.

Anyhow, I think at this point I’m the last member of the Front Office still actually in the Front Office.  I think everybody else has gone out to celebrate the win.  And since I’d hate for them to think that I’m better than that, I suppose I’ll have to go join them..

All the best from the game and from Inside the Front Office!

“The Voice of the Nation”




    I have Gameday Audio, so I just listen to the game on the radio (I’m in Manhattan) — although listening to the RKO radio guys is enough to give me a heart attack sometimes. My coworkers always notice when the sound gets freakishly loud because Joe Castiglione has just shouted something. I love every second of it.


    I’m not sure if my comment got eaten — it didn’t show up, but if it shows up double, please delete one of them. I listen to Gameday Audio at work during day games — I subscribe because I live in Brooklyn and when you’re in enemy territory, you have to be crafty. My coworkers look at me funny when Joe Castiglione or Jerry Trupiano shout, because all of a sudden my work computer gets loud. And I love it. Especially in a game like today’s.

  3. soxinsider

    Hey Johanna – I love that you listen to Castig down in Manhattan of all places. Are your co-workers mostly Yankee fans??

    PS – I bet today was one of those days where your co-workers could here Castig. What a game!!

  4. apseguin04

    another great day at Fenway today. what a comeback. i got my hands on tickets at 1 PM and only missed the first inning. the go-go sox won’t make anyone miss Williams, Rice, Yaz, or Manny, but they are finding ways to win.


    It was definitely an awesome ending to the day, wasn’t it?

    For the record, I’m totally digging Kotsay! Guess it just goes to show you that while someone appears to be just a utility player with one team – he can surely rise to the occasion with another.

    Yes, the Buckner reception was nothing short of awesome….I’d have given my left arm to have been able to be there, but in some ways – it was just as spectacular to see on television. Got me all choked up, sniff..sniff……….

    What, no snack updates? 😉


    What a great game. 30 second auto-refresh didn’t quite do it, but I was still going crazy sitting at my cube! I even had a yankee fan yelling “Pedroia again”. Definately a game to win and give the team the momentum to establish themselves as a deep team, able to look at the scoreboard and know they can win it at any point in the game. Great team effort and I have to tip my hat to Alex Cora, who went 3 for 4 with the game winning run. Just coming in to games and doing his part!

    Congrats to #455. Lets keep it going. The greatest fans in sports. Its never a dull moment at any game and we show our enthusiasm at every game and stay behind our team!

    To end my latest comment, a big round of applause to the bullpen. Yes, they seem to be the quiet replica of the 2007 pen. They have been called upon in many games down the stretch to go 2 to 4 innings and have done outstanding. Its good to see them rolling. Lets keep things going and turn our heads to Friday and stand behind Beckett in hopes that he can pull through and help bring us another ring! Go SOX!

  7. soxinsider

    Yeah, Thanks, Victoria! You bring up a great point! Let’s get Remy his due recognition! Any of you who watch our games on TV know exactly how different it is to hear a game on NESN and a game on Fox.

    Remy keeps us well informed and keeps us entertained!


    Hey Insider!
    Actually, the kids I work with are largely Mets fans, and very interested in baseball in general – I told one of them yesterday during the 8th that if I died at my desk, it was Castiglione who’d done it to me. And I was right — what a nail-biter. Big credit to Dusty. Also, I’m very proud to have been a part of 4 or 5 of the 455 sell-outs since the streak began. Ditching classes in the Bronx a couple times to travel up to Boston for a game was TOTALLY the best decision I made in college. 🙂

  9. soxinsider

    Hey Johanna,

    Phew…at least the majority of the kids you work with are Mets fans. Given your location, we can accept that. And thanks for the effort in contributing to our sell-out streak! College can be full of terrible decisions, haha, so yes, that sounds like 4-5 GREAT ones!


    It is four days after that game against Baltimore and Boston is now breathing down Tampas back and about to start their series against their newest rivals for the East title.

    I think the turning point was durring the Yankee series in New York and has escalated since. Byrd was just quoted as being amazed at the fire this team has despite winning it last year, as if they havent ever won a world series.

    I love hearing stuff like that and I think all the credit needs to go to ownership, management and you guys in the front office which year after year give us a team to be proud of. You guys have done a tremendous job.

    Their is so much to point ones finger at what exactly is sparking this recent charge for the East title (The Bay, Manny trade, The acquisition of Byrd and Kotsay, Beckett and Lowells return and immediate contributions and of course Youk, Pedroia, Lester and Daisku consistency) but I dont really care. Alls I care about is, like last year they’re peaking at the right time.

  11. soxinsider

    Hey Victoria,

    Now even if you were right…which I can neither confirm, nor deny, I obviously couldn’t tell you!


  12. soxinsider

    Hey SamAdams (or should I call you Octoberfest now),

    I think you’re right. All that matters is that it looks like we may be peaking at the right time!

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