Pedroia’s Tough All-Star Decision

For Immediate Release

July 12, 2009




BOSTON, MA–Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia issued the following statement today regarding the All-Star Game:


 “After consulting with Tito, Theo, Phyllis Merhige of Major League Baseball and my wife, Kelli, I have decided to withdraw from this year’s All-Star Game in St. Louis.  I will instead stay in Boston with my wife as we tend to a family health matter.


This was certainly not an easy decision.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for the game of baseball and for the All-Star Game and am incredibly honored that the fans voted me this year’s starting second baseman for the American League.  I am disappointed that I will not be able to enjoy the amazing experience with the other All-Stars, especially with my Red Sox teammates, but it is important that I put my family first at this time.


I want to thank Major League Baseball as well as Tito and Theo for supporting me in this decision.  I also want  to thank the fans for their understanding and the continued support they have shown throughout my career.”





  1. 26rings4ever

    Hey insider Please trade for Victor Martinez Please trade whatever prospects you have to except Bard! then he can play first twice a week especially when they play on turf as it is harder on Mikes hip. He can catch twice a week against righties since tek still kind of stinks against righties and he can DH once a week against a tough lefty for Papi thats five games a week he is in there and youk misses no time and Mikey stays relatively healthy. Some feed back on this post would be greatful

  2. inthesun

    HIPOCRITE !!!!! I just think back to when I seen him on T.V. blabbing about how Alex Rodriguez “should be banned from baseball for a year” and how “I would be ashamed, for myself and my family” blah blah blah CRAP !!!!!!!!!!! What a damn HIPOCRITE!!! What he had done in 2003 is NO different that what happened to A-Rod. He never thought his name would come out since A-Rods news was soooooo “headline news”. Well it came out HIPOCRITE, just like it did for A-Rod. I wonder…………..are we going to see David Ortiz man-up like A-Rod did and at least have a news conference, just to say it happened or is he going to be a little **tch and hide in the closet until the off-season. I expected to hear Manny’s name come out sooner or later. He is the definition of a punk-*ss overpaid THUG!!

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