Updated Player songs!!!


Ellsbury – “Let It Rock”, Kevin Rudolf (f. Lil’ Wayne)

Pedroia – “Dre Day”, Dr. Dre

Ortiz – “Somos De Calle”, Daddy Yankee; three tracks from the album “My Destiny” by Yomo; plus one unknown

Youkilis – “Man In The Box”, Alice In Chains

Drew – (no music)

Bay – “Alive”, Pearl Jam

Lowell – “Bombtrack”, Rage Against The Machine

Varitek – “Kryptonite”, 3 Doors Down

Lugo – “Ella Tiene Una Cosa Que Amarra”, Pena Suazo

Kottaras – “Going Back To Cali”, The Notorious B.I.G.

Baldelli – “All Along The Watchtower”, Jimi Hendrix; “Strange Times”, Black Keys

Kotsay – “Animals”, Nickelback

Green – “Turn My Swag On”, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em; “I Run”, Slim Thug; “Bet That”, Trick Daddy; “Amazing”, Kanye West; “Sideways”, Dierks Bentley


Bailey – “Moby Dick”, Led Zeppelin

Lowrie – “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, The Offspring

Carter – “Stronger”, Kanye West



Beckett – “Living Hard”, Gary Allan

Lester – “I Use What I Got”, Jason Aldean

Wakefield – “How Bad Do You Want It”, Tim McGraw

Penny – “Red Rider”, Lunatic Fringe

Smoltz – “Misty Mountain Hop”, Led Zeppelin

Delcarmen – “Boston”, MAV Entertainment

Jones – “My Wave”, Soundgarden

R. Ramirez – “Lucha”, Nancy Amancio

Masterson – “Rebirthing”, Skillet

Saito – “Bad To The Bone”, George Thorogood & The Destroyers

Bard – “Stranglehold”, Ted Nugent

Okajima – “The Oki-Doki”, Tatami

Papelbon – “I’m Shipping Up To Boston”, Dropkick Murphys


Thanks for the updates! AND PLEASE!!! Re-Sign Bay!


I think “Believe” by the Bravery would be good for Drew.

I also would love to hear them play “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine” when the pitchers take their walk out to the bullpen.

What is the song playing while the Red Sox starting lineup is being introduced while showing various player highlights on the scoreboard. The song has no lyrics but a very catchy beat. Ive also heard it on the opening of WEEI coverage.

The player intro video song changed each month this year. What is the month in question?

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