The Big I’s “Best of the Rest”

Here’s the newest edition of the Big I’s Best of the Rest photos from this past week.  Enjoy!



Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox




Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox




Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox



  1. fruitgirl

    I love these photos. Papi’s smile is contageous ! Keep posting these great shots Insider, we love them. Enjoy the excitement down there this weekend, and I want to hear your reaction to the audience when the Yanks’ new 1st baseman is introduced Friday night to our Fenway crowd.
    By the way, I have asked about 64 people so far at Fenway Park about the blue sox vs. red sox in the new uniforms, and here is the current breakdown: 61 hate the blue, 3 don’t care. I will keep asking, but won’t be there until May.

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