Let’s Play two!

With yesterday’s rainout, we’re now slated to play two games today versus the Minnesota Twins.

I’ll have more updates as soon as I have them.


  1. karifan

    Two games in one day and two different uniforms. I cannot say that I am a fan of the ever changing uniform thing. It seems that one Home uniform and one Away uniform is more appropriate and easier for the fan to identify with. It also used to be that home teams had no names on the jerseys and away teams had names. I have also noticed this season that this rule no longer applies. I also think that the white and green uniforms with the shamrocks are the worst yet in my opinion.

  2. fruitgirl

    I have to agree, I like the 2 uniform deal. The blue ones are too Yankee-like, and the reds are too Spring Training like, and the green ones are silly.

  3. fruitgirl

    Oh by the way, tell the office that my son Sam really enjoyed himself at Sunday’s Kid Nation Day at Fenway. It was fun for the kids to see all the team mascots from the area, and then to run the bases out on the field. Yes, it is soft and slightly spongy grass. (Walking by the Sox dugout to watch the kids run, I noticed that the Dugout was absolutely filthy!! Wow, those boys can make a mess!!)

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