The Doors

This week Red Sox pitcher and 3-time World Series Champion Curt Schilling retired from the game of baseball.  We may all remember Curt for his heroics in the 2004 and 2007 playoffs, but he decided the time had come to hang ’em up and end his incredible career.

As they say though…as one door opens, another opens!  Literally…a new door is opening this year.  As you may or may not have noticed in your travels to Fenway Park in the past, the address and main entrance to the Red Sox Front Office stands at 4 Yawkey Way – has been for quite some time.  Anyhow, this famed address and entrance got a big remodel this offseason as part of our continuing efforts to make ballpark improvements.  Below is a shot of the new door (as taken by the Big LaBellski just an hour ago).  In case you’re wondering, the fine young gent posing in front of the door (helping to give us some idea  of the scale of these new doors), is one of my Front Office co-workers, known fondly throughout the Front Office as T-Pain.

Let me know what you think! (of the doors, not T-Pain)


Megan LaBella/Boston Red Sox


And if you’d like see what the old door used to look like, you can reference the photo in my last post.

Hope this brings you all a little closer to Fenway!

“The Voice of the Nation”



  1. greg1969

    Indeed, the entrance looks great! Unfortunately, this is as close (very likely) as I will get to Fenway (and the door) for quite some time! (But I can wish!…)
    I am a BIG fan of Curt’s, for 04 and 07, for sure (the Bloody Sock game will always be a highlight)! I admired him long before that, though when he was with the D-Backs and helped beat THAT OTHER TEAM! 😉 He is deserving of respect, though, even more for what he’s done off the field, for our troops, for ALS research, and for the SHADE Foundation. Godspeed, Curt, we will miss you!

  2. bethanyb

    I think that Curt and Shonda’s work in the New England “community” is what has made them so dear to us. Yes, Curt was a huge part of both the ’04 and ’07 Championships, but for me, I am convinced that were it not for the community involvement the Schilling’s have had in Boston, we may not be that attached to them.
    What does everyone think… Is he Hall of Fame bound??


  3. 88yaz88

    Nice Doors. Now about those grandstand seats I’ve been sitting in Section 26 for several years as a season ticket holder….you know, the ones partially obstructing home plate….well, thats another story. Look forward to the next round of renovations to enhance the fans comfort and enjoyment of the game.

  4. fruitgirl

    Big Doors!!Nice color stain & big windowed area,what’s not to like,right? Just got back from Ft.Myers…I miss it already!! So sunny and warm,when I came home and pulled up to my house here it was 29 degrees!!!I got some great photos at City of Palms,and did some fun stuff…you can see them at:

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