Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

For no particular reason, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I’m posting some photos showing the new windows that have been installed at Fenway Park this offseason.  Just one of a bunch of ongoing renovations to the America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.  Enjoy!

Ok…first, here’s the BEFORE…

Fenway Park old windows.jpgNow here’s the AFTER (taken by the Big I a few days ago)…



DSC_0061.JPGMike Ivins/Boston Red Sox 

We’re just classing the joint up!  What do you all think??

All the best from inside the Front Office,

“The Voice of the Nation” 



  1. aries

    Hi Voice;

    I like the new windows; it is keeping with architecture of the grand old place.

    I am just glad I don’t have to clean the windows.

    By the way, are these windows energy efficient and as they say today, green, environmental friendly. I want all of you in the front office to be warm and safe.

    The Teacher

  2. greg1969

    The “after” picture looks good (wish I could be there sometime to go to Fenway–I live pretty far away!). Interesting, though, that the green-colored part of the facade was the part removed (St. Patrick might come get it, or send his leprechaun)!

  3. poohjen21@yahoo.com

    Absolutely beautiful. It makes Fenway Park and Yawkey Way even more inviting. I came down there last summer with my Husband and my Father-in-law for my very first time and I thought it was all breathtaking and the excitement was phenomenal. Now seeing the new windows, I can’t wait to come back down and see how the excitement and thrill increases! The looks do it all!

  4. lynno

    The new windows look great; but I’ll miss the “green”. Old windows or new, Fenway is a great place to be. I can’t wait to come back this season!

  5. blacklight

    Wow! Very Classy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What A Beautiful Old/New Style, Very Stylish!
    Let’s Go RedSox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lets’s Go RedSox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. celata123

    VERY classy!! I LOVE when they do things to keep our beloved Fenway looking good! I thought it was a crime to tear down beautiful old Yankee Stadium- look how much better we do here in Boston preserving a valuable bit of baseball history!

  7. sheewee@hotmail.com

    Good blog, and I love getting updates on all things Red Sox. But folks, please, I beg you, stop using so many exclamation points in your writing. Especially you, Mr. “Voice of the Nation”. You’re all way too excited.

  8. fruitgirl

    It always nice to have a little spruce-up. New windows and doors always make a house look better, so why not Fenway?

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