Does it strike anyone else as odd…

Beckett.jpgThat we have so many player’s whose names start with the letter J?  I realize this is a totally random thought…but for whatever reason, it dawned on me this morning whilst dining on my raisin bran…

For example, we could conceivably have a lineup at some point this year that went as such (and let’s say this is an away interleague game since our DH’s name obviously doesn’t begin with a “J”):

Starting Pitcher: Josh Beckett or Jon Lester or John Smoltz

Catcher: Jason Varitek or Josh Bard

First Base: ok…I’ll give you this one…no “J” here…

Second Base:  same here…

Shortstop: Julio Lugo or Jed Lowriejason bay.jpg

Third Base: Jed Lowrie (assuming it was Lowell’s off-day)

Left Field: Jason Bay

Center Field: Jacoby Ellsbury

Right Field: J.D. Drew


Bullpen: Javier Lopez, Justin Masterson

Closer: Jonathan Papelbon


Admittedly, I haven’t done the research, but I HAVE to imagine that this is the greatest preponderance of “J” names in all of Major League Baseball…

Anyhow, that’s my random thought over Raisin Bran for the day…



All the best from the Front office,

“The Voice of the Nation”

(and no, I’m not telling whether or not my real name begins with a “J”)



  1. greg1969

    That’s exactly the kind of thind I tend to notice, and that I get a kick out of. It kind of cool. Maybe it stems from the head J–John Henry! Hmmm…;)


    Buy Pudge Rodriquez!!!!!
    Buy Pudge Rodriquez!!!!

    Free Agent, Great catcher, hitting like crazy in World Games, experienced, Good DH if Papi Gets hurt! Try to find a better buy!!

    Everyone spread the word!!

  3. fruitgirl

    This blog reminds me of “J” Day on Sesame Street !! What fun. You should buy Total Raisin Bran, it has all your needed daily vitamins….to keep you a strong and healthy Insider!!
    Venezuela and Netherlands are strong contenders for the WBC this year. I am actually glad that the Dominican team is done, now my Papi can go back to his team and rest the shoulder that seems to be plaguing him this Spring.

  4. redsoxkid

    I am willing to bet tickets to a Sox/Yankees game that your 1st name starts with J.
    I just got back from spring training in Fort Myers. It was awesome.


    I used to work in a library and one of the things I noticed was how many authors’ names began with J… perhaps it’s the most common letter for names to start with?

  6. greg1969

    Insider, I hope you give us an idea of what you think the WBC will have (positive or negative) on the Boston roster going into the season. I hope you’ll also give us an update on Dustin’s injury, if it is not as serious as first thought, or whatever. (And perhaps what you think of how Dice-K has done in the WBC). Thanks.


    I realized a while ago that there were several “J’s” but I didn’t realize there were THAT many!!! I think it’s great….makes me feel like I fit in!!!!!


  8. celata123

    That’s the age group where everybody’s mom started naming them Josh, Jason, etc. My son is at the tail end of that, and his name is Jackson. I think it was reactionary to our Boston area parents naming us all Kathleen and John.
    I guess they lucked out and aren’t named Bluebell, River, Mowgli and stuff like that…..

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