While we’re stuck in the snow…

I figured I’d provide an update from Sunny Florida.  Although, word from my Front Office co-worker who is down there now, is that it is actually pretty breezy and cool in Ft. Myers today.

I know, I know…don’t worry, I let him have it for complaining about it being “breezy” whilst we’re stuck in a foot of snow.

Anyhow, he did have an interesting story to report from our Minor League Complex.  He said he was watching the Puerto Rican World Baseball Classic team workout (we’re allowing them to use our facilities to train), when Bernie Williams (who is on the Puerto Rican WBC team) ran over to one of the other Red Sox fields at the facility and started taking BP with our minor leaguers who were praciticing there.

I thought that was a pretty funny story.  Must have been quite a sight seeing uber-Yankee Bernie Williams surrounded by Red Sox, taking BP at a Red Sox field.

I have to say though (and I don’t think I’m alone here) – Bernie has always seemed to me to be the classiest of ballplayers.

That’s my “sunny” Florida update for today!

All the best from the home office (the Boston Front Office was closed today due to the snow)!

“The Voice of the Nation”



  1. crazy19canuck

    That’s gotta be quite a sight! Bet the minor leaguers loved the visit. Hope he had fun!

  2. redsoxkid

    Thanks for the update & I can’t wait to get to Spring Training. I’m so excited. I’m going down on Monday for a few days. I’ll send you pictures.

  3. fruitgirl

    Poor Insider!! You need to have some fun in the sun down in Ft.Myers too. Are they going to unchain you and let you go down for the tail-end of Spring Training? I’m going down there next week, and I will bring you down there in my suitcase…how’s that? The airlines charge practically a full fare ticket amount for luggage now anyways. I am hoping for some nice warm weather (not too hot, or too cool) and maybe some passing clouds around 1:00pm for a couple of hours, when it gets a bit too hot. I promise to bring some sunshine back up with me when I come back home. I just hope there is no snow on the grass at Fenway for Opening Day !! This weather is ridiculous! May the Sox be with you.

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