Still some fight left afterall!!

Today’s recipe:  Gatorade, greasy food, Advil, Gatorade (repeat as necessary)

Here’s a fun little Front Office tidbit for you:  Did you know that an email gets sent out the day after wins like last night to let folks know that Gatorade has been placed in the breakroom?  True story.  Many thanks to Paul for coming through again today.

Now then…where do we begin on last nights game?  I could tell you about how I was roaming through the park last night (in the sixth inning) and overheard a fan ask an usher where he goes to get his money refunded.  The fan subsequently left the ballpark.

I could tell you about how unnamed Front Office employees were packing up their desks (because we have to be moved during offseason renovations).

I could tell you how one member of the Front Office went around telling everybody that we had no chance of winning because it was his birthday, and the Sox haven’t won on his birthday since 1999.  By the way, Bill Simmons has a great article about last night’s game as it relates to the fateful October 16 date.  Great read.

But in the end, the unnamed Front Office employees had to take everything out of their boxes, the poor birthday boy finally had something to celebrate (even though by the time the Sox won it was actually October 17), and well, that guy who wanted his refund probably wants to build a time machine, travel back to last night and slap himslef in the face.

In any event, people are pretty sluggish in the Front Office today, but happily so.

Can’t wait for tomorrow night!!!

All the best from inside the Front Office!

“The Voice of the Nation”

PS – As always, you can email me at

PPS – I think our team photographer already left for Tampa, so I’m sorry for the lack of photos.

PPPS – We’re in the second week of a very intense Front Office Biggest Loser competition.  Not an ideal time for this for obvious reasons…



  1. redsoxkid

    Last night was the BEST GAME I’ve ever been to for a lot of reasons. On the way in I saw the Japanese film crew that I know & that was fun. A Red Sox employee I know from when he worked for the North Shore Spirit gave me a sign to hold. Curt Schilling threw out the ceremonial 1st pitch. Man I love Curt. Our seats were directly behing 3rd base- about 8 rows back from the field. I was crying at the bottom of the 6th but then I heard Wild Thing and knew Papelbon was coming in. I knew when Pap came in at the top of the 7th we’d be ok. I love my team & Red Sox Nation. Let’s go Sox!
    Red Sox Kid Nation Captain

  2. murphy28

    As a Met fan, I really wish the Mets could come back like that. All year the Mets only came back from down 3 to win twice.

    Normally I don’t go out of my way to watch an entire game unless the Mets are playing but last night I watched that epic comeback. That was a great game.

    Rays fans, I know how it feels when your bullpen lets you down…


    Game 7.
    HUGE game 7.

    It’s all down to this.
    Let’s hope Lester can go deep – so that we don’t have to think about going to the bullpen.

    AND, I have two things to admit:
    1. I’m feeling badly because of my Anti-JD Drew sentiment most of the season. At least he’s pulling his weight at a time that we really need him to!

    2. My conspiracy theory of there being an injury other than oblique for Beckett is seemingly foolish. It’s clealry from all reports after last night’s game — an oblique injury.

    So keep the faith… this team never gives up on themselves — therefore I refuse to give up on them as well.

    Play ball!

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