hmmm…well…we’ve been here before…

We’ve got them right where we want them! (ok, I admit that it was not easy writing that, and I’m not quite sure I believe it myself)

However…only 4 teams have ever come back from down 3 games to one.  Three of those four times, the team that made the dramatic comeback was the Boston Red Sox.  So if any team can do it, it’s got to be us.  But let’s not pretend everything is dandy on the good ship lollipop.
Our pitching and offense have got to get it together.  But, with that said…don’t let us win on Thursday, because then we have Beckett pitching in Game 6, and Lester in Game 7.  And I know a couple of people just chuckled about the fact that I’m basing that statement on the supposition that Beckett and Lester will pitch well.  But I honestly think they would.  A P.O.’d Beckett may be just what we need.  And I can’t imagine Lester having a repeat performance.
Buuuut…we still need our offense to get going.  Let’s hope the day off will give them some time to think about how embarrassing the last two games have been.
All the best from a very frustrated (yet hopeful) Front Office,
“The Voice of the Nation”



    Just a couple of thoughts….not to take anything away from the Rays because they’re playing so well; but…. they’re playing a battered and bruised Red Sox team. Our bats are struggling — some of key players that are still playing are injured; some of our key players are injured and arent’ playing at all. We don’t have reliable middle relief so if our pitchers get in a pinch there’s not much we can do about it.
    Beckett’s injured – and in this girl’s opinion, it’s not an oblique. With no bats alive, it doesn’t matter how good pitching is — there needs to be run support.

    So again, without disrespecting the Rays – are they playing that well, or are we playing that poorly. This is not the Sox of even two weeks ago – and baseball is cyclical. This is not the time to be on the downside of up….

    Here’s hoping — that history holds out and is on our side, and that we can come back. It’s one game at a time…one inning at a time. It’s pitch to pitch for this next game.

    All eyes on the ball…..!


    Professional Baseball, more like Professional Wrestling…. every extra game played is another ton of cash in the coffers of the League. Why wouldn’t they instruct their players and umps to “play ball”. It’s sickening to watch these games. They’re as bad as the NFL, sorry the WWF, well, same thing.

  3. bethanyb

    Oh Insider…where are you this morning?? I thought you would have a new post up first thing this morning! Amazingness last night if I do say so myself…Papi is back! Pedroia is still the man and I can’t wait to see if Beckett is back to his old self tomorrow! GOOOO SOX!!!!!


    Last night was in a word: Amazing.
    You can never give up on this team….and those who did, well – look at ’em now.
    How can you abandon a team that doesn’t give up on themselves??

    So fortunate, proud and thrilled to be a part of some of the most magical years in Sox history….



    I have to say I started to give up after watching so many games where the Rays just dominated the sox…I started flipping the channels but turned it back when it was 7-1 and watched some of the fans start to leave the stadium..I kept yelling DON’T LEAVE!! The best part was seeing all the fans standing up for most of the game cheering it was incredible! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings 🙂 Keep believing!
    Terry Francona never gave up and we shouldn’t either! Go SAWX – LOVE YA! Anyone have any shots of Francona?


    So, the Sox lost. After last night’s loss the Sox became special again. After going so long without a World Series Win. However they did win so let’s celebrate that. As always they will keep on keeping on.

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