7 to go!!!

Well, let’s put it this way…

If you had told me prior to the series that we would win one of the first two games in Tampa Bay, I would have been happy with that.  So, as heartbreaking as Saturday’s loss was, we have got to take it in stride.

It’s now a best of 5 series, and we have home field advantage.  Jon Lester is starting game 1.

lester.jpgAs they say in one of those corny athletic gear ads, “we must protect this house!”

Game time is now only 6.5 hrs away.  Hopefully this means we can all get to bed before 1am (for once).

All the best from a very anxious Front Office!
“The Voice of the Nation”


One comment

  1. bethanyb

    Beckett officially broke my heart on Saturday night. He has got to figure out what’s going on and pull himself together. And PEDROIA!!! I am so freakin’ happy for him! What a great way to get back in your groove! Lester is the man tonight, I know he will come through in his normal fashion. Maybe he is the new “Mr. October”? Can’t wait until game time (even though I will have to listen to it on the radio from work!) GOOOO SOX!!! This should be WICKED good!

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