A few card-carying members of Red Sox Nation were chosen at random to attend the Red Sox work-out yesterday at Fenway Park.  They were give a tour, and hung out with the VP of Red Sox Nation, “Regular” Rob Crawford for a bit. 

I’ve spoken with the people down the hall who run Red Sox Nation and they seem really interested in finding more ways to reward card-carying members.  This is just one of their new ideas.  Below is a picture of the members and their guests:

Joe Chamas/Boston Red Sox

The members selcted were:

·         Joanne – Jamestown, RI

·         Kelly  – Nashua, NH

·         Dave  – Boston, MA

·         Michael  – Northborough, MA


If you have any ideas as to how we can improve Red Sox Nation memberships, please let me know!


Here’s looking forward to tomorrow!

“The Voice” 




  1. junojen

    As a member of RSN who lives outside New England, I would love to see more RSN sponsored events at different ballparks. We usually have an un-official RSN party outside Camden Yards at the Pickle Barrel following a Red Sox / Oriole matchup. Why not show up, give out some T-shirts and raffle off tickets?

    Access to the players for pictures and autographs is always great – just like the event you mention in this post. Can that be arranged for us who attend games outside Boston?

  2. soxinsider

    junojen brings up a great suggestion. Unfortunately, in this case we’re hampered by the MLB terretorial rules. In essence, we are not allowed to “market” our team outside of our designated area (New England).

    This means, we can’t do give aways, organize events, etc. anywhere outside of New England. That’s why we count on our dedicated fans to organically organize these type of events.

    I’m so glad to hear that you have an unofficial RSN party outside of Camden Yards! I’ll have to stop by (in cognito of course) next time I’m down there!

    -“The Voice”

  3. sandymm

    I was born in Maine and started cheering for the beloved Red Sox during the days of Williams, Pesky, Dom D., Doerr and through the Rico Petrocelli, Tony C, Yaz days up until the present.

    I moved to upstate NY over thirty years ago. My heart is still in the Red Sox Nation and I never miss a game when it is televised. NESN is blacked out here ( of course). I wish I could enter your sweepstakes, but note it is only the six NE States.

    A little anecdote: About forty years ago one of my sons was on a “farm team” in rural Maine. We had very little money, so I wrote Johnny Pesky and asked if he could help us with used baseballs from batting practice. I got the nicest letter from him and within a few days, a box of batting practice baseballs arrived from Fenway park. This is just one of the wonderful things that Johnny Pesky has done and I was thrilled to see his number retired recently. What a great gentleman!!

    I also exchanged correspondence with Mel Parnell, one of our past great pitchers and Ned Martin, one of the radio broadcasters from years ago, and I exchanged commentaries and Christmas cards for many years. How I loved Curt Gowdy and then Ned Martin and Ken Coleman!!

    I would love to meet Johnny Pesky! I had my 70th birthday earlier this year and am just as ardent a Red Sox fan as I was when I was 7 back in the Maine Mountains! Go Red Sox!!!!

    See, there are some women who love baseball forever!!



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