Catching some Rays….

As Bethany noted in a comment on my last entry, I have been a little notably absent over the past few days.  We baseball folk (especially in the Front Office) are a very superstitious bunch.  And since I didn’t post the lineups for game 2 of that double-header, we have won every game since.

But I suppose it could just be the posting of the lineups and not the posting in general that we can attribute this recent success to.

In any event…yes, we have finally (almost) caught up to the Rays.  I think I saw somewhere that technically, they are .001 percentage points ahead of us in the standings due to the fact that we’ve played more games.  But I think we can wash that all away today with a big win behind BecKKKKKKKKett.  As you all know, he’s still taking a somewhat cautious path back into the rotation, but if he does well enough tonight, I feel like he might be ready to go to normal pitch counts by his next start, and then be good to go for the playoffs (should we be so fortunate to make it – again…we’re a VERY superstitious bunch).

And can we please take a moment to really appreciate what Coco Crisp has been doing lately??  I mean, talk about guys stepping up at the right time of year!  After hitting .305 in August, he’s now hitting .457 in September.  With Drew out, and Ortiz and Lowell admittedly not at full strength, he’s quieting his critics in impressive fashion.  He’s getting on base, running the bases well, and as always, been playing solid defense.  You want your players and team to get hot as they head towards the playoffs, and Coco (no matter where he’s been hitting in the lineup over the past couple of months) has been as hot as they come.  Sorry to digress, but it deserves to be noted.

So here’s hoping to a solid Beckett performance tonight!

All the best from a very quiet (yet very excited) Front Office,

“The Voice of the Nation”

PS – In case you’re wondering about the absence of pictures on the blog lately, apparently we’ve been having some technical difficulties.  But our good folks in our IT department are working on fixing the problem.




    Yes, points about Coco well noted. Great to see him do well after struggling at the bat so much last year.

    Just this girl’s humble opinion, but please don’t pull him out of play if/when JD Drew returns…

    Cant’ wait to see the game tonight!

    What….no snack updates? šŸ˜‰

  2. bethanyb

    well thank you for the updated entry…i hope it doesn’t come down on me that we lost last night? it was a good game, josh was on last night…nice to see him back in good shape.

  3. raysrenegade

    Games like the last 2 nights will make this a great rivalry for the next 5 or so years. It is great to have a pitchers’ duel like last night game, but also a blowout can make you rethink your place in the world.

    Kudos to Red Sox Nation for showing up at the Trop. and helping us rock those roof supports. It is fun when the true baseball fans come out and enjoy a game with you.

    Hope the next 13 days are full of fun and surprises for everyone in the MLB.

    I am not here to gloat, promote or post anything negative, just enjoying the first real season we have had in 11 years with a visit from the World Champs during our last homestand.


    Absolutely – Josh Beckett was “en fuego” last night. Really good stuff. Great to see! This was his third strong outing since being on the DL – so it’s a good sign.

    He is our Mr October, no?

  5. soxessful

    Gotta agree that even in the loss, it was a positive to see Beckett back in form! With Rays fininshing last 7 on the road, I truly believe division is ours and a home opener against the White Sox. We’ll let the Rays and Angels duel it out to see who will get the honor of getting beat by the BoSox in the ALCS!


    Josh is definitely the Man of October!!
    BTW: I tried to wish him a Happy Birthday when the Sox played in Balto, but they refused to put his name up on the board!!! “We don’t want to start a riot!” They were jealous there were more Red Sox fans there than O’s fans!!!

    ?: Why has there been no mention of Coco’s haircut??
    Why did he cut it?? šŸ™‚ My daughter was ssooooo disappointed!!

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