ALDS Roster set!

Hey all,

Here’s the official roster, which was just announced!

For Immediate Release

October 8, 2009




BOSTON, MA–The Boston Red Sox today announced the team’s 25-man active roster for their American League Division Series with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.


The roster is as follows:


PITCHERS (11): Daniel Bard; Josh Beckett; Clay Buchholz; Paul Byrd; Jon Lester; Daisuke Matsuzaka; Hideki Okajima; Jonathan Papelbon; Ramon Ramirez; Takashi Saito; Billy Wagner.


CATCHERS (2): Victor Martinez; Jason Varitek.


INFIELDERS (7): Alex Gonzalez; Casey Kotchman; Mike Lowell; Jed Lowrie; David Ortiz; Dustin Pedroia; Kevin Youkilis.


OUTFIELDERS (5): Brian Anderson; Jason Bay; J.D. Drew; Jacoby Ellsbury; Joey Gathright.


The Red Sox and Angels play Game 1 of the 2009 ALDS on Thursday night at Angel Stadium of Anaheim beginning at 9:37 p.m. EDT/6:37 p.m. PDT   A complete Red Sox Division Series Roster is attached.






  1. fruitgirl

    Morning after Game 1 ALDS,very sad & disappointed in the game I saw last night. The umpire definetely needs to get some thick glasses,an AARP card & an attitude adjustment. But our bats were dead. Ellsbury was like a deer in headlights at the plate…what’s wrong my Jack Rabbit? I know Lackey’s face is a horror – but you need to get past it, we had to! Lester will have to spend a day in a confessional when he returns home for the potty mouth, that’s Beckett’s “thing”, you are supposed to be the good one. They certainly cannot blame my Captain for that travesty last night,poor guy sat on the bench (or was pacing back & forth like crazy)…and the media’s “saviour” Martinez did not produce. Sox took an embarassing loss 5-0

  2. redbaronsoxfan

    Okay, c’mon insider, don’t you think this post is getting a bit stale?

    Anyway, declining Varitek’s option was rather stupid…we got swept in the ALDS without him behind the plate. V-Mart is a fine bat but a lousy catcher. He needs Varitek around to mentor him…the Captain never would have let Papelbon throw nothing but fastballs in that blown save…

    Oh well, rebuilding time I guess…


    How does this years lineup look? Do you think the Red Sox will win the pennant or win it all? I think they should have a really good season and I look forward to catching some of the games. -Ron, baseball coupons

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