We’re in the PLAYOFFS!!!

Now, my question for all of you is who do you have start Game 1?  Game 2?  Game 3?  Game 4?

I’m curious to hear what you think!

All the best,
“The Voice of the Nation


  1. ellenc

    Thanks for the blog!! I’m glad to see the RedSox once again with the chance to “shock the world”. I have been a RedSox fan for 46 years (grandfather played for the Yanks/Highlanders in 1911) as my father was also. I dont care that we “backed” into the WC, as long as we put it into overdrive now!!!! GO SOX!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. ellenc

    I’d have Lester start 1, Beckett 2 and depending upon the outcome of those games Buchholz or Matsuzaka in game 3.
    No one had a standout game this week… so rest up and get ready!!!!

  3. juliasrants

    I think Lester starting , followed by Beckett would be great. I am just greatly saddened that it appears that Tim Wakefield won’t be able to be a part of our pitching staff for the playoffs. It is just so wrong – and very, very sad.


  4. fruitgirl

    Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for making it into the postseason again!
    As far as starting pitching goes in the 5 game series with the Angels, I have tremendous faith in both Lester and Beckett, so they both need to be starting at the 1 and 2 starts. After that, I would put in Matsuzaka, then Buchholz…unless things are going badly for us, then back to Lester/Beckett to finish.
    Things should change when facing the Yankees in ALCS, we definately need our best guys in NY. Much easier to win at Fenway, than it is in the Bronx! (That will be more like a World Series than the actual World Series)*
    Rally…..anyone ?

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