1. greg1969

    Great photos as always! Thanks! (But the players can have their tracks–almost none of them are ones I’d pick!) Oh, well (And I’m not THAT old!) 😉

  2. hortontlo@msn.com

    I believe Poppi’s problem is his GLOVES !
    His “new/modified” wrist needs different gloves to get the same feel as before. I suggest he use thinner gloves for more direct feel and RESPONSE of the bat to his muscle commands thru his wrists and then into the gloves which may have too much padding to rapidly send the force to the bat appropriately.

    Please pass this along to Poppi. I hope it will help him because so many people love him and want him to do well.

    I helped Jim Rice 25 yrs ago when he was in a slump : – )
    (I told him to keep his NOSE pointed at the ball.. and it worked ! : – )

    Ole43 the “robot-man”

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