Lugo back with the team!

After a great outing last night, Michael Bowden has been sent back down to get some more work in and make room for Julio Lugo’s return.  I’m sure most of you know that this is a necessity as we badly needed another infielder (or risk Youk playing shortstop).  So hopefully Lugo’s back to full health and is ready to continue the hitting stroke that made him one of the hottest hitters in Spring Training!


For Immediate Release

April 27, 2009





BOSTON, MA–The Boston Red Sox today activated shortstop Julio Lugo from the 15-day disabled list. Following last night’s game, right-handed pitcher Michael Bowden was optioned to Triple-A Pawtucket.


The announcement was made by Executive Vice President/General Manager Theo Epstein.


Lugo, 33, was placed on the disabled list April 4, retroactive to March 27, after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee.  The shortstop suffered the injury in the first inning of a spring training contest against the New York Yankees on March 13.  Following a four-game stint in extended spring training, Lugo went 4-for-17 with one double, two walks, one run scored and five strikeouts over four rehab starts with Triple-A Pawtucket beginning April 22. He will be active for tonight’s game in Cleveland.


The right-handed hitter batted .268 with one home run and 22 RBI over 82 games, 79 at shortstop, for Boston in 2008 before being sidelined for the remainder of the season with a strained left quad.


Bowden, 22, was recalled from Triple-A Pawtucket prior to yesterday’s game against the New York Yankees.  The right-hander threw two perfect innings of relief, fanning two batters, to help Boston to a 4-1 win at Fenway Park.






  1. fruitgirl

    Thank goodness. I miss Julio, he is fast, steals base when needed, and hits. Sure he has made errors in his SS position, but that position is notorious for errors – on any team. I am glad to see him back, no more injuries for Julio. Soon Kotsay should be rejoining us, then Dice-K and Smoltz.


    I have never thought much of Lugo…..Green has been doing a much better job than lugo would ever do at short…and tonights game has shown that…we are about to blown our 11 game streak because of him….look at last year, the errors and only 22 RBI’s in over 80 games….trade him….


    I have never thought much of Lugo…..Green has been doing a much better job than lugo would ever do at short…and tonights game has shown that…we are about to blown our 11 game streak because of him….look at last year, the errors and only 22 RBI’s in over 80 games….trade him….

  4. haveagansett

    Lugo is too unsure of himself at short. He makes too many bobbles/errors due to rushing himself and he interferes with outfielders by going after balls in their realm of play. We should play Green more and Lugo sparingly, until Lowrie gets back.


    lugo is the most overpayed player on the sox. already, 1 game, another costly error. some of you say trade him, who would want him, with his salery, and errors


    We have to trade Lugo. Made in his return one error and almost created a 3 way collision in Center Field and caused Elsbury to miss catching the ball. Tonight he struck out while pinch hitting. The Red Sox have a young good shortstop with Lowrey and Green does a better job there too.


    I have nothing against Lugo, but Green has been much more effective. He hits well and he has made tremendous progress in the time he has played the short stop position. Keep Green in please!!

  8. davecgs

    Forgive me but my mail carrier at shortstop is a significant improvement over Julio Lugo at shortstop. Lugo lives for making errors. It’s his hobby.


    Lugo’s cost us a minimum of one error per outing since his stint on the DL. This wind-up and throw isn’t the way to put players out at First. Maybe Green’s just hungry, but I fail to see where after a horrible performance in Tampa, this should go unabated.

    Also, Tito – what’s up with just letting Tampa pimp-walk their way around the bases? How is it Tampa plays the bags and wins, we play prevent depth, and lose? Do you see a problem here?
    Hit a single, walk to third, score on a single. I SEE THAT as a problem.

  10. dbread

    May 3- Lugo scores at least two runs, for the Tampa Bay Rays that is! We can count on you for something.


    Any one who was looking froward to Lugo’s return must be biting there lip by now. No offense and plenty of costly errors. That is what we have become accustomed to from him. He is clearly no longer a major league shortstop. How long will Tito stay with this guy. Release him now. PLEASE !


    Lugo needs to be released as soon as possible. He is a cancer to the team. Surly we have a shortstop in the minors that can back up Green when he needs a day off. I would also suggest that Tito move Ortiz to the 7 hole until he gets his stroke back.
    Bay would make a solid # 3 hole hitter. He hits for average and also has pop in his bat. I can’t believe Tito can’t see this.
    I have been a Red Sox fan since Ted Williams and have seen a lot of players come and go with the Sox and I think Lugo is one of the worst players to ever a sox uniform.
    Leon from Oklahoma


    With all due respect, you can bank on the Sox losing if Lugo is playing. I predicted the “L” before the game last Saturday, and sure enough, Lugo did what he always does, errors and strike outs. He might luck into a walk now and then, but he is a liability. It is astounding to me that it has been tolerated as long as it has. They should just accept the money lost and trade him immediately, because now we are paying with games.

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