Ummm…..yes…that was amazing…

Enjoy this beautious shot from the Big I!  Here’s hoping for a repeat performance tonight!!!





    This is a great pic! Can anyone tell me who to contact regarding the play of Robinson Canu 2nd base of the yanks. Two seperate times in the 5th inning of last nights game he clearly failed to step on the base while possessing the ball but was credited an out for each one. Go back and watch and you will see what I mean. My guess is that he does this all the time, and I don’t know why the umps haven’t caught on expcept that they’re incompetant. This means that the inning would have changed dramatically. The bases would have been loaded with no outs and then a run would have been driven home from the second double play attempt which acutally only got one out. How can we stop this from happening again because its looks like its a habit that Canu has he just lifts his foot off the base before he has the ball every time. Can anyone help.


    It was an unbelievable weekend of baseball….
    But don’t forget — it’s way too soon to down on the Yankees…


    Sorry – someone was coming in, and I had to submit. LOL. What I meant by that is that with their lineup – they should be a very capable team and though they’re struggling now — we shouldn’t expect them to be like this all season long, let alone against us.


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