Photos! Photos! Photos!

Big thanks to Steve and the rest of our IT crew for fixing whatever was wrong with our picture uploading-thingy over here.  He explained the details to me, but I’m certainly no tekkie (sp?), so it came off sounding like one of Charlie Brown’s teachers.

Anyhow…here are the Big I’s “Best of the Rest” for Week One!  Check back each Wednesday for his photos of the week! (heck, you can change your computer wallpaper each week if you’d like – I know the Big I would appreciate it!)


“The Voice of the Nation”


Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox



Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox



Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox




    Hey Voice –
    Thanks for sharing those. šŸ™‚

    Technical person would equate to techie — as opposed to be a fan of the only and only Tek, where as you could be perceived as a Tekkie. LOL.

    I’m a relatively superstitious person when it comes to baseball. Wondering if anyone has given thought to disregarding the new away uniforms and just stick to the tried and true? LOL, sounds silly — but I think there might be something to the old addage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”….



    Hi I am ten years old and I started a Red Sox blog. The address is


    Great pics!

    Now for my question: What in the name of heaven are the Red Sox doing wearing blue socks? Clearly it’s giving them bad mojo on the road.

    Can’t whoever came up with this idea just admit it was a crazy one and let the team go back to its namesake red socks (or preferably, the old red, white and blue striped models)?


  4. fruitgirl

    I agree with the godess about the bad mojo on the new uniforms. Dump em ! Baseball is a superstitious sport, and we like it that way. Burn those awful yankee-looking new uniforms, and our troubles will vanish too. Also agreeing with mcnsullivan on the BLUE SOX. What a travesty !! It is a horrible pox on our beautiful Red Sox team to wear those ungodly blue sox in a game. What was management thinking ? Do they want to know what we think ? Really ? Then I will ask around at the games and get quotes and opinions, like pollsters do – but I bet most fans hate them. I do love your blog and photos though Insider, keep em coming.


    Fruitgirl, very well put! Would be interested to hear the results if you do an informal poll at the park. Post the results at your blog and we can check them out!

  6. fruitgirl

    I will do so beginning tonight at the Orioles game. As I do every year, I would like to ask the fans if anyone has a great parking spot for a night game at Fenway.

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