It’s here!!!

Happy Opening Day!!!

After a whole offseason of waiting, and Spring Training full of excitement, the 2009 regular season begins today!

The mood in the office is ummm…crazed (as it always is on Opening Day).  Everyone here is running around doing about a thousand different things trying to make sure that the season gets started right.

Our Fenway Ambassadors and others are preparing for our Opening Ceremonies; Our Media Relations staff is hurredly trying to make sure they can get everything ready (stats, lineups, etc.) for the hungry media’s arrival – no easy task; and the Red Sox Foundation group is preparing the House of Blues for tonight’s Welcome Home charity event.

Simply put…verybody is just doing their part – and then some, to make sure that everything runs smoothly today.

The Big I (our team photographer) got up especially early this morning to take the “Opening Day sunrise over Fenway” shot.  It has become a sort of tradition over the past few years to take this photo and send it out to everyone in the Front Office as a way to really kick off the year.

As soon as I’m able to track the Big I down (he’s obviously very busy today too), I’ll try to post the picture here.

All the best from a very busy and excited Front Office!
“The Voice of the Nation”

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I was down by Fenway yesterday – in the beautiful sun on Sunday – and everything looked awesome!


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