Spring Training is in full effect!

I know I’m WAY late on a post about Spring Training, but my co-workers down south have been pretty busy.  But anyhow…below are a few shots from the Fort.

Also, I heard that the sons of David Ortiz and Julio Lugo were following them around on Photo Day and Conditioning drills respectively.  This made for and endless number of “awww…how cute” moments, according to one of my co-workers that witnessed it.

Another pretty cool story…one of my Front Office co-workers met a guy who was there trying to get shirt signed by Rocco Baldelli for a little boy suffering from Leukemia.  It turns out that the gentleman owned a fish and chips shack in Cumberland, RI which Rocco used to frequent.  Rocco remebered him in an instant.

Ok, I’ll try to get you all some more pictures and stories during the rest of Spring Training.  Here’s what I have now, courtesy of the very great Cindy Loo!

20090218_ CL_Workout Day 0246.JPG

              Cindy Loo/Boston Red Sox

20090218_ CL_Workout Day 0368.JPG

Cindy Loo/Boston Red Sox



  1. fruitgirl

    Nice photos. Rocco has a good memory. Can’t wait to see the boys play tomorrow night. Seems a bit surreal to start watching baseball when it’s 25 degrees out and 5 inches of snow outside my window!! The Sox are getting some excellent press hype out there…they are the industry darlings, and already are favored to be #1 by the postseason. Very exciting.

  2. itwasntme7777@yahoo.com

    the last pic i sent was taken at us cellular field in chicago….the sox were playing there…..my gf name is katie …judge

  3. greg1969

    They are cool pictures. It was cool to see Rocco remembered that gentleman who owns the f-n-c dive. Judge, good to see you over here. I check here every once in a while (and often see Julia) but hadn’t seen you post here. Good to see you. Hope to hear from you soon on Brownie Points. Take care, y’all, and feel free to check us out on Brownie Points, esp. if you haven’t before.

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