New Sox Uniforms, and new Sox logo

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I was a little scared when I heard we were going to have some new uniforms this season.  You see, I’m a bit of a baseball traditionalist.

But being the nosy Front Office person that I am, I managed to get a sneak-peek of the new uniforms, prior to their official unveiling tomorrow (Thursday).

2007 Road Uniform - close up.jpgAnd I have to say, I’m pretty excited about the road uniform in particular.  For reference, the picture to the left is of Kevin Youkilis rounding the bases in a 2007 road uniform.

Some lucky Red Sox Nation citizens will be the first to see the uniforms, which will be modeled by Manny Delcarmen, and Terry Francona.  The Red Sox Nation citizens were chosen at random from a drawing held earlier this week.  Just one more reason if you aren’t a citizen of Red Sox Nation, you should probably look into it for this year.  Ok, sorry about that gratuitous plug, but it’s               Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox                                           true..there are a lot of cool  .                                                                              benefits/perks to the program. 

Also in attendance at the event will be Red Sox Nation President Jerry Remy, and Red Sox Hall of Famer Jim Rice.

Note: While I’m tempted to go off on it now, I’ll leave my “how the heck is Jim Rice not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?” rant for another day…

The unveiling event starts at 6pm (open by invitation only).  This means you will probably get a chance to see the new uniforms on the news tomorrow night (for those living in our local market).  For those of you living outside of the area, you can always check back here, or on for the pics. 

So, my question for all of you is this…

If you had the ability to make a new Sox uniform, or change the existing ones, what would they look like?

Also, there will be “design changes” to our team logos.  I’ve seen these changes as well, and can confidently say, you have nothing to worry about there.

I’ll be sure to post photos of the new uniforms and redesigned logos as soon as I can, so stay tuned!

All the best from a very busy Front Office,

“The Voice”

PS – According to reports, CC Sabathia is headed to the Yankees in a 7-year, $160 million deal.  And as great as a pitcher as he has been, I still feel really good about our team, and especially the way we have been grooming our young pitchers.




    Thanks for the inside perspective on the logo and road uniforms. Good to hear we traditionalists can rest easy!

    As to changing the existing uniforms: Any chance of restoring the classic striped socks? (And instituting an anti-pajama pant rule that requires the socks to be shown?) The team is known for its sox, after all!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. soxinsider

    Hey mcnsullivan, I think it’s funny how people always want the “old school” style. When we had the striped socks, everybody asked us why they weren’t all red (like our logo). And now that we wear all red, they want the stripes back. I also love it when the players show their socks. Very cool look.

  3. juliasrants

    I couldn’t agree with you more about our young pitchers and players showing their socks. Was there ever a better sight then Timlin showing all that red when he was on the mound? I can’t wait to see the new desgins – thanks for letting us know that we have nothing to worry about!



    I guess I’m even more of a traditionalist, because when you ask if we could “make a new uniform” or “change” existing ones, my first response is…why change anything? I loved how the Red Sox were one of the few teams left in baseball, or all of sports for that matter, who didn’t make changes to their uniforms for the sake of change, that they were proud of their heritage, that today’s players wore the same logos and basic uniform Ted Williams wore. Sure, there were a couple good moves over the years like getting back to the button down jersey in the ’80s after those ’70s pullovers most teams were using, and I liked changing to the red script on the road grays in 1990 as the previous navy blue block letters were a bit too bland (although I wouldn’t mind a return to the old look for tradition’s sake). But I think the uniforms have been perfect for the past 18 years. I have never liked the red “alternate” jerseys so whatever they want to do to those is fine by me (I guess getting rid of the alternate is not going to happen). Take away the names on the back of the road jerseys? Great. Go back to stirups and sanataries for socks? Great. Change the Red Sox logo? I can’t imagine this could be good.


    as a baseball player I prefer the pajama pant style just because it gives you more freedom of movement. I would if i created the unis make a similar uni to the red one currently but make a navy one that either says boston or red sox


    Sorry to see the change. Especially to the Road Uniforms. I liked the Red better than the Blue . Red is the primary Team color. Was happy when they added more red to the road uniforms a number of years ago.

  7. waz67

    Love the new primary road unifors, very basic showing a distinctive look and heritage especially with the font selection and the hanging socks, I could do without the hats on the secondary though. Overall a very positive move, let us not forget about the green uniforms too.

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