Congrats to AL MVP Winner, Dustin Pedroia!!! 

(and also to 3rd place finisher, Kevin Yoouuuuuuukilis!)

Pedroia and Youk.jpg

Tim Correira/Boston Red Sox

It’s been 13 years since the Red Sox player last won the American League MVP.  And this year’s winner could not be any more of a polar opposite from “Big Mo.”

Whether you call him Dustin, Petey, Pedie, or simply the Destroyah, one thing is certain.  His flashy glove work, his infectious personality, his “just watch me” spirit, and his “lazers” as he likes to call them, not only won him a Gold Glove, and a Silver Slugger, but now the American League MVP!

Congrats to Youk as well for a well-deserved 3rd place finish!  Moving across the diamond all season, and hitting in all areas of the lineup, he maintained a steady approach at the plate and on the field.

Now…as we pause briefly to pat ourselves on the back for drafting and developing both of these fine young talents, let’s get back to the Hot Stove!

One word…Teixiera…do you want him?  Yes?  No?  Why?

I’m looking forward to hearing the responses…



  1. bethanyb

    Hmmm…there you go with that Teixiera question. This seems like the million dollar question lately! I like him, I like what he brings to the table and I like that he would most like fit in here…What concerns me is losing Lowell. Mikey is a big part of this team — injury aside — I was a big supporter of keeping Mikey last year, and I will reiterate that sentiment now. I know that the stats fall in Teixiera’s favor, Lowell is only getting older, not neccessarily in great shape to play anytime soon and didn’t really earn his keep last year…Ok, here it goes…*I can’t believe I am saying this*…get Teixiera…just get him. We need the bat, we need another solid fielder…Just do it before I take it back…


  2. redbaronsoxfan

    Congratulations to Dusting MVPedroia!!!! What a year for the Sparkplug!

    As for the Teixiera question…I don’t suppose he can play shortstop? 🙂

    I can sure see the arguments…but count me among those who would also hate to lose Mike Lowell. His work ethic and willingness to play through the pain of that injury shows why we should keep him…and there’s no reason to believe he won’t be healthy next year.

  3. fruitgirl

    Still asking the Texiera question,eh? Maybe he would be a good fit for us, if he is not a prima donna “look at me” I’m a Superstar player. We could use a good bat, whether it is Tex or not…I do not really care, as long as he is good. As long as there is basically the same team at Spring Training 2009, as there was in October 2008. Captain Varitek included !!! I wish it were March now. Curt Schilling has been expressing his support for our Captain this week on his blog, as well as Papi (on NESN Hot Stove interview 11/17) – both wanting Jason signed by the Sox as soon as possible. Work it out guys, somehow this deal must be made. I like it when the Sox win championships, so sign Tek so we can win more, please!!!

  4. fruitgirl

    Oh, by the way….Congrats to BOTH Dustin & Kevin. You were both outstanding this year and we are so proud of you both. It’s like a proud mamma, loving both her kids & wanting them both to do well. Win-win type situation.


    props to pedey and youk for great seasons each… a serious case could’ve been made for youkilis as mvp this year as well.

    on tex… it seems to me that he could potentially be a franchise cornerstone type of player. as much as we all love mike lowell it seems difficult to pass up on a player with such a strong track record who is only 28 years old. he’s patient, hits for power, and to this point in his career hits better than his career line with men on base. hes a terrific fielder also.

    chew on this… manny ramirez and mark teixeira both average 36 HR per year their first 6 full seasons in MLB.

  6. kinslermvp

    Congrats to Pedroia. Though if Kinsler didn’t get hurt, Youk would have won the MVP since Kinsler would have had better numbers for the season than Pedroia:

    Projected over 162 games:

    Kinsler: 221 Hits, 137 Runs, 24 HR, 35 SB, 95 RBI

    Pedroia: 220 Hits, 122 Runs, 18 HR, 21 SB, 86 RBI

    I believe that voters would have had a harder time voting for Dustin if Kinsler had played the whole year. As a result, many of those votes may have gone to Youk.

    But, that’s all hypothetical and congrats to Pedroia!

  7. sankeesyuck

    shouts out 2 Pedroia and Youkilis…let’s hope that Theo & Co sign them to huge contracts ( they deserve the range that Manny gets, if only for effort, but look at the results!!!). Tex?? sure, who wouldn’t want a very, very good hitter to put into the mix? Lowell can play what other position..? i forgot. can we have 2 3rd basemen? sorry to see Crisp go b/c he had a really good ethic, it appeared, and his defense is INCREDIBLE – good luck to you, Coco!!! I was and have been lamenting O Cabrera’s short stint with us, cuz after Nomar left/and then we won the WS… i had to admit that trusting Theo is scary but overall probably the best… so,… if Theo can get Tex but somehow keep Lowell ( the man coulda got more out there on open market and sacrificed to stay in Bos.) – and keep both happy and productive…??? also resign Kotsay if you can… his athletic abilities are too good to let go.. can’t he be the forth OF ( even if he is LHH) ? AND — PLEASE SIGN JASON VARITEK to a short 2 – 3 yr deal with good money with an option to remain on as a pitching or other coach – he is the heart, to me, of the team and the TEAM is what has worked so well and what has made the difference in Boston sports over these past 6 – 8 years. i know it is a business, but RS have so much “endowment” that keeping a quality person like Tek must be a priority… let him help groom the next one over the next few years. Letting Tek go would be like not expecting Tom Brady back ever.

  8. 1redsoxfan

    My congrads to both Pedroia and Youk. Yes, lets go all out to get Teixeira, even if it takes 25M a year or more to sign him. Move Youk to 3rd , keep Lowell as backup for 3rd and DH. Sign Varitek, but get a young catcher; someone like
    Matt Weiter for him to mentor. And we need to get another top-notch starting pitcher, preferably a good one under 30 years of age.


    Obviously Teixiera would make a major impact right off the bat…no pun intended, and would certainly help the team…but, what happens to Lowell, I would hate to see him go. (Lowell’s only question now is… at his age, are injuries going to be a constant problem?). Teixiera would also command big $$$ and a lengthy contract…but he is young (Healthy) and is a good player (Obviously). How about this…Teixiera – 1st, Lowell – 3rd, Pedroia – 2nd, Lowrie – SS (PLEASE TRADE LUGO), OF – Bay, Ellsbury, Drew. Use Youk at 1st/3rd/LF along with Kotsay (1st/OF), Cora also. Everyone should get enough playing time, (But realistically – probably not). In a nutshell if Boston can get Tex… and is willing to pay for him, they have to get him, especially considering Lowell’s health will start to be a big question mark now. Hope we can sign Tek and maybe 1 or 2 of these big name pitchers on the market…imagine a couple of more big arms to the rotation.
    Good Luck Theo, I’m sure you already have all this planned out – can’t wait for spring!


    My kudos to Pedroia and Youkilis as well. I just wish they would stop calling Pedroia “Little Pony.” I can just see Yankee fans singing that song “My Little Pony” from the old commercials to him next season… Ugh!
    As far as Teixieria, hell yeah sign him! He is the quintessential Red Sox-type hitter, hitting for average and power, while doing so patiently. His high on-base percentage has to make Bill James drool! He is a gold glover and is highly durable (sorry, I know that was the kiss of death). There is absolutely no downside to bringing in another HUGE bat to hit behind Ortiz, something he surely misses since the departure of Manny. And this one signing would give us one of the most feared lineups in history: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Ortiz, Teixieria, Youkilis, Drew, Bay, VARITEK (yes, sign him too!) and Lowrie. Yikes, Yankees be damned! Hahaha, how awesome would that be to roll out that lineup for Opening Day?!? Speed, average, power and patience… Hmmm, sounds like a winner to me, and all that with just one free agent signing! A real bargain in this day and age, and leaves room for other moves as needed.

  11. guitargrad

    Alittle late here I know, holiday time keeps me busy. On the Teixiera question. Absolutely. Unlike A-Rod with his baggage that seems to expand every year the three things I see in Teixiera that makes him worth an A-Rod kind of contract is: His talent is real – he is not just this offseasons’s media darling. He does not have a track record of being a cancer in the clubhouse in fact he sounds like the perfect fit for the Sox clubhouse. He is at an age where the contract he will command makes sense. Afterall we bid 52 million just to talk to Dice K, I think we need to pay this guy what he wants. Look at his hitting charts- Fenway Park seems almost built for him. His defense as we all know is already gold glove and he works his at bats- and where is there a player like him anywhere near ready to hit the free agent market in the next few years if the Sox do pass on him? Really the only downside is Lowell. Personally I think the sox should keep Lowell for off the bench- as we have seen in every year when it seems we have too many players for one position- it always works out. The Yankees are signing pitchers like crazy while doing nothing to upgrade their aging and at times inconsistent infield- good news for us. I don’t think we need Teixiera to be a contender but I do think Papi may have it in his head he needs protection and Teixiera more then Bay and Drew might give him that peace of mind he will need to stay back and take his pitches as well. I see no downside in Teixiera even if the asking price is high- its high for a reason- he is the real deal and one I hope the Sox do not mistakenly leave behind over an extra year or a few million dollars. If your willing to go 7 years and 100 and something million- then I see no diference in 8 years and another 20 or so million- in for a penny in for a dollar ya know!

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