8 to go!!!

We now stand 8 wins away from successfully defending our World Series title…

But as of present, I stand (sit, really) 3 hours from getting back home and taking a much needed nap.  With that in mind, here are some more selections from “The Big I” and “The Big LaBellski” from last night’s win.


PS – Who would you rather see start Game One on Friday??  Beckett or Dice-K?



MJI - ALDS Clinch 1.jpg

    Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox



MJI - ALDS Clinch 2.jpg

Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox



MLL - ALDS Clinch 1.JPG

Megan LaBella/Boston Red Sox



MLL - ALDS Clinch 2.JPG

Megan LaBella/Boston Red Sox



MJI - ALDS Clinch 3.jpg

Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox





  1. amarige022@comcast.net

    With it being said that I’m not a huge DiceK fan, I think it would be unfair to start anyone but him on Friday. I’d be okay with game 3 at Fenway with Beckett.

    I thing the important thing though is to determine what exactly is ailing him – and if it’s truly gone by the time gametime rolls around. It was abundantly clear that while the umpire’s strike zone was all over the map the other night — Beckett was off, regardless.

    Yes, Jason IS the man. Lots of love for the Captain.. 🙂


  2. aries

    In my opinion both pitchers can do the job. Beckett is the one however with something to prove. He loves to compete. I think he worked the cow webs off in the Angel/RedSox series and should be ready to go. Deep down inside he wants to continue his winning record in the post season series. He has the heart to do it.

    Dice K gets out of trouble and shows he has adjusted to the American style of baseball. He needs to mix up his stuff more and get the first guy out. This is where Jason comes in. They need to work this out before the game; 1st or sec.

    The umpires haven’t been clear about the strike zone. I would question this before the game. Who will be the umpire? If you know ahead of time, this may help in pitcher selection.
    I am not an umpire hater but this season the strike zone has been all over the place. It has to stop. Mike Port get busy.

    The Teacher

  3. bethanyb

    If I vote with my heart, I vote Beckett. He has been our main man for awhile now and I know he still has it. One off game, just happened to come at the wrong time and now he’s never going to live it down, unless he comes up big in this series with the Rays. I think he can step up and prove that he truly is Mr. October.
    Dice-K…he scares me. I know he has a pretty good record and all of that this season…but it just seems like you never know what’s going to happen with him.
    I think Josh’s past experience and proven October record still give him the start over Dice.
    Just this girl’s opinion…


  4. rmcnally@nbnet.nb.ca

    As a life long fan, a bush league pitcher of 18 years, and a minor baseball coach of 12 years, let me be the first to say that my experience has little or nothin to do with it. I would like to go with Beckett,but at this point Dice K is the man for game 1, Lester in game 2, Beckett game 3.

    Ideally for me it would be Lester game 1, Beckett game 2, and Dice K game 3.

    But Terry has proven he has a knack for playing hunches and I would never second guess his logic so whatever He and his management team decideis good enough for me.


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