Not out of the woods quite yet…

It would have been great to close out this series last night.  Like really great.  Even better if we had done it before going into extra innings…

Because frankly…the Angels worry me.  They play small ball better than anyone, and right now, the middle of their lineup is like Sarah Palin unstopable (well, before the Couric interviews anyhow).

And if there are any of you out there who are not worried, then God bless you.  You must be fairly new to Red Sox Nation.  Because, having been a Red Sox fan for quite some time, I’m NEVER completely confident.  You’d think that the paranoia and fear of us blowing it would have subsided after ’04 and ’07, but it hasn’t. 

I’m sure there are people out there who said after we won the first two games of the series, that we “owned” the Angels, and that we were coming back to Fenway, and we had it all wrapped up. But consider this: over the course of this season, we have lost 3 games in a row a total of 7 times.  And one of those times just so happened to be against the Angels (at home).

But time to jump off the Zakim, this is not.  There is a great deal of hope for tonight’s game.  We have Jon Lester on the mound, and I for one, am confident that Pedroia will eventually have his “big” game.  Though…in fairness, I told many of my fellow Front Office employees, that last night was going to be that game…

I’m not saying it is time to panic, but you might be wise to hold off booking your flights to Philadelphia or L.A. for now…

We still have one more to win…hopefully tonight.  If for no other reason than the fact that I selfishly really need the sleep, and don’t know if I can do a game 5 on the West Coast.

For what it’s worth, I’m predicting (and obviously based on my prediction last night, this should be held with a great deal of skepticism), that Pedroia will knock in Lowrie for the game winning run tonight – on a wall ball double.

Anybody else have any predictions??

All the best from a very anxious Front Office,

“The Voice”

PS – I just got word that the Ceremonial First Pitch for tonight will be thrown out by a former Red Sox ALDS hero…


I would like to predict that if this game goes like last nights game I might die prematurely…I keep telling myself, Bethany, you are a 25 year old girl, your heart is still good…but then things happen like last night and I can just feel my heart failing…A three-run single? Jacoby must have thought something funny was going on with those Angels in the Outfield last night…I too think that Pedie is going to come through tonight…I am dying for him to hit a homerun so I can picture him saying, “98 coming in, 102 going out!” Best line ever (from his interview with ESPN magazine)…Oh boy, here we go again!

Sorry to say it, but Lowell looks hurt. He is a gamer and I admire his commitment, but the pain shows in his face and I think other teams can sense it. Hopefully Lowell and Francona can get together and make the move that is right for the team.

Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
I’m not saying that we couldn’t beat the Angels. I just said I didn’t want to have to play them.
They’re a good team…it was a tough game last night…and truthfully, Beckett was off. I don’t know if it was his oblique or what it was but the placement of his pitches were not on target.

And – I thought the strike zone was all over the place for the first few innings, which didn’t help any.

Lackey’s a tough, tough pitcher – this is not going to be easy. But I’m thinking Lester is going to be able to handle it.
Thinking. Hoping. Waiting for that first pitch…

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