One down, 10 to go!!!

Thumbnail image for Tony.jpgAs my man Tony would say….GRRRRRRREAT win last night!!!

A few random thoughts on last night’s game:

1.  As I’m sure many of you did, I felt so bad for Jed, and was praying the game didn’t come down to that error.

2.  Jacoby being “playoff Jacoby”???!  –  I sure hope so, because that’s a great way to kick start our offense.

3.  I don’t know why Lackey threw Bay anything other than an outside curveball, but I’m sure glad he did.

4.  Love Masterson setting up Papelbon.  Even when he got into some trouble, I felt pretty confident.

5.   Amazing play by Youk to get Vlady out at third.  You really have to watch the replay a few times to really appreciate how great of a play that really was.  In particular, watch the way he scoops up the ball (in a singular motion), gets to his feet and hits Lowell in plenty of time.  In an odd way, that play reminded me of when Ortiz threw out Jeff Supan in the 2004 World Series.  Game changing play.

6.  Lester is the man.

7.  10 wins away!!!


A new blog before anyone even asked for one…I’m impressed. 🙂 Ok, not a great time for Lowrie to make is first error in the Majors, but thank goodness it didn’t end up hurting too bad. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

…to make HIS first error…

Masterson did pitch well, despite giving up 2 “hits”. He popped Tex and Hunter up. Only Vlad got some good wood on the ball for his hit. The balls by Tex and Hunter are the examples of why baseball is called a “game of inches”

Red Sox Ramblings:

True story:
About 3.5 seconds before Bay’s home run, I looked at my boyfriend, ready to say, “If the Sox don’t score this inning, I’m going to bed.”

Needless to say, I have bags under my eyes like you wouldn’t believe. But I’m happy. Very happy.

It was once again – a TEAM effort. So hard to call out what was the “play of the game” because they all were pivotal, and by so many people. Jacoby’s hits AND catches; Lester’s pitching; Youk’s save; the bats to get on base; Pedroia being Pedroia. (I’m sorry, but the announcers crack me up. Pedroia has a Japanese nickname?!? Little pony or something?!?!?!) Paps closing.

It’s all good…
One game at a time….

Forgive me if typing is a little off. I,m blame in one eye. Well any way i want to tell the guys, that when they go up to bat look first see see how the other tear is set up this way you know where to hit the ball for that opening because they every ining. And look how the pitcher thow the ball and watch his arms and elbows. Like if thier arms go up and back down that mean it gone to be a fast ball. A curve ball is when then turn to their size just a little swing thier arms back and forth,size by size iknow you must seen it. Just a littl hint for you. Because you guys are great baseball players and pluse i play when, i was a kid. Nice talking by!

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