Number 6

While I wait for the Rally to begin here at the Park, I figured I’d include some more photos from “The Big I” and “The Big LaBellski” from yesterday’s Johnny Pesky ceremony.

Congrats Johnny on a well-deserved recognition!


                   Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox



     Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox



       Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox



Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox



  1. bethanyb

    how about some pictures from the rally??? but i do love the bottom picture of Mr. Pesky. He looks fabulous in that uniform!

  2. Greg

    That was a great ceremony. Well deserved honor for a great man and all-time great RED SOX. The drizzle of rain that came down during the ceremony had me thinking that Teddy was shedding a tear or two from above. Great job to the ones who prepared that ceremony.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

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