We’re in!!!

Blogger’s Note:  Due to some excessive celebrating last night, I’m not sure that I have the cognitive skills required to write something coherent today.  So instead I’m going to use this space to showcase the talents of our Photo Department.  Big thanks to Mike “the Big I” Ivins (self proclaimed “team photographer extraordinaire”) and Megan “the Big LaBellski” LaBella for giving this blog the the first glance at these never before seen photos from last night.



               Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox


Nobody was better at this move than the “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase


       Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox


Let’s all just be grateful this cork didn’t get lodged in the back of David’s throat.


Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox


Amazing…simply amazing.  I’ve never been more proud of our Photo Department


    Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox


Wait…strike that.  Now I’ve never been more proud.  This is the happiest grown man (quality of coloring on the sign notwithstanding) I’ve ever seen. 


   Megan LaBella/Boston Red Sox


As my old Physics teacher would say…”there’s a tremendous amount of torque being applied to that champagne bottle”  Who do you think won this battle??


   Mike Ivins/Boston Red Sox


It was glorious.

20080923_MLL_CLE_WIN_620.JPG       Megan LaBella/Boston Red Sox




  1. sdmc5769@yahoo.com

    Great Pics. Getting the fans in the pictures was awesome. Glad to get into the playoffs and I think retiring #6 is great. He is a legend in Boston and has devoted 57 years of his life to the Sox. Couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than ol’ Pesky! Good move!
    GO SOX!

  2. mfseymour@cox.net

    +I would just like to thank the Boston Red Sox for being a first class organization from top to bottom. I think the idea of retiring Pesky’s number is long overdue. This man has displayed his loyalty to the team since he was a player and has continued to be a great inspiration to the team. We have had many great Red Sox players with great credentials, but you rarely ever saw them once they retired. Mr. Pesky is very modest when you talk to him about his contributions to the team but his importance, by his presence alone, should be an inspiration to all who truly enjoy the game of baseball. Stats are just part of the game. His dedication and loyalty should be rewarded and the Red Sox chose the ultimate way.

  3. RedSoxSouth

    What can I say………….. Another year and we have made it to this point. Like they say pictures say a thousand words, happy moment, I really which I would have been there.

  4. st andrew

    Love, love, LOVE Big Papi’s goggles… I wonder if they’re the same ones that Zambrano was wearing the night the Cubs clinched the Central Division? Anyway, we’ll be seeing the Red Sox in the World Series, so y’all better get yer celebratin’ done now…


  5. junojen

    Great pictures from the “inside” — thanks for sharing!

    As a diehard Sox fan for over 40 years, I will never take winning for granted. It’s a great feeling and a thrill. Thank God for Larry Lucchino, John Henry and Tom Werner.

    Well, I guess it’s on to LA. Let’s hope the guys have a chance to recuperate and get healthy.

    Go Red Sox!

  6. joann.falato@yale.edu

    I was watching when JP gave the base to the guy in Mike’s photo. I thought to myself — gee I hope that poor man’s stomach isn’t going to be on the internet! Nice one Mike.

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