We’ve got Crisp back in the starting lineup tonight after he began the game on the bench in the last game of the Tampa Bay series.  Let’s see if he can keep up his hot streak!

Red Sox

8 crisp

4 pedroia

Dh ortiz

3 youkilis

7 bay

5 lowell

9 kotsay

6 lowrie

2 cash

Sp wakefield



Blue Jays 

4 scutaro

7 wilkerson

9 rios

8 wells

3 overbay

Dh mench

2 barajas

5 rolen

6 mcdonald

Sp purcey





    We need a win tonight. All I care about is a win.
    Though it’s raining at the moment….wonder if there will be a delay.

  2. redsoxkid

    I was at the game last night & it was awesome. Wakefield was great. I love shut outs 🙂 We were in the grandstand between home & 1st under cover. so we didn’t even get wet even though it rained. I made a sign Kid Nation loves Remy but I don’t know if they showed it. Before th game Chris Howard was signing autographs in Autograph Alley. That was cool bevcause he’s from Lynn- home of Tony C. and Johnny Peasky & me.


    The difference in the lineup could have been……Manny….since July 31st, he has made a huge difference for the Dodgers. He has a .402 average with 14 homers and 44 RBIs in 43 games. He is still the big bat in the big games and who knows, the Sox may see him in the playoffs, lets hope not …….


    Let’s Go Red Sox:)

    1. Kevin Youkilis or Jacoby Ellsbury
    2. Dustin Pedroia 1. Kevein Youkilis and 5. Jacoby Ellsbury
    3. David Ortiz are switchable.
    4. Jason Bay
    5. Jacoby Ellsbury or Kevin Youkilis
    6. J.D. Drew
    7. Jason Varitek
    8. Coco Crisp
    9. Mike Lowell
    10. Jed Lowrie That’s my Red Sox power batting line up 🙂
    11. Mark Kotsay With that power Red Sox Line up, we are-
    12. Sean Casey kicking major ***.
    13. Jeff Bailey

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