Mark Kotsay, Instant Replay, and Cheesy  Goodness

“America” as the new “God Bless America??”

During the Neil Diamond concert at Fenway Park this past Saturday, there was a groundswell of support (stemming from some folks who will go unnamed) to have Neil’s classic song “America” replace “God Bless America” on Sunday Red Sox games.  While this will obviously never happen at Fenway, I can’t imagine I’m alone in saying I would love to see it happen.  Some minor league club needs to start doing this.  Immediately.  They can hold auditions, and have Neil Diamond impersonators sing “America” in the middle of the seventh.  I defy you to watch this video and then tell me this is not a good idea.

These “kids” here might have to have first crack at it.

Anyhow, here’s what’s putting dents in the Green Monster this week…

Hot off the presses today is news that we have acquired outfielder Mark Kotsay from the Atlanta Braves.  kotsay.jpgThis move seems to have been made, in part, because of the injury to J.D. Drew.  The 32 year old Kotsay, an established major league veteran, should be able to help shore up our outfield down the stretch.  The left-handed Kotsay has a .305 batting average against right-handers this year, and on-base-percentage of .361 against righties.  Kotsay will wear #11 and will join the team in New York.  In exchange, we sent minor leaguer Luis Somoza (who was playing for the Lowell Spinners) to the Braves.  To me, this seems like a good move which will hopefully ensure that our outfielders stay fresh and are not overworked as we battle for the AL East title over the last month of the season.

Also, as I’m sure you’ve heard, this week MLB will officially start using instant replay.  How do you feel about this?  Every other major sport (with the exception of FIFA Soccer, I believe) currently has some form of Instant Replay.  tek vs a-rod.JPGTechnology and video replays have certainly benefited the fans over the years…The never-ending replays of the pizza toss incident…Pedro’s Zim toss…the Manny high-five…Orlando Cabrera’s elaborate handshakes…Varitek’s mitt in A-Rod’s face…

Anyhow, as of now, from my understanding, Instant Replay for baseball will only determine close home run calls.  Do you think it should be expanded to close calls on the base paths?  For example, what would life be like right now, if for some reason Dave Roberts was called out on his famous steal?  Or what if they were able to use replay                            Brita Meng Outzen/Boston Red Sox  on the Bartman incident – in addition to saving the poor kid from years of torment, would the Cubs have finally ended their curse?                                

Point being, while a poor umpire call on a homerun can drastically change the outcome of a game, so can a close play at the plate.  So what do you think?  Is it good in its current form?  Does it need to be expanded?  Or is baseball too much of a national pastime, too rooted in tradition, and human judgment (balls and strikes for example) to be aided by video assistance?  I’d be very interested to see what all of you think..

Since as I mentioned in my Insider Newsletter (which if you haven’t signed up for, you can sign up for here) I’m looking for anyone who has been to every Red Sox home game at Fenway Park since May 15, 2003.  I realize this may be next to impossible, but I also know, we have some SERIOUSLY dedicated fans out there.  So if you have been to every home game since then, or know somebody who has, please email me! 

All the best from inside the Front Office!
“The Voice of the Nation”

PS – Because I firmly believe you should know what’s going around the Front Office at all times, I feel it is my duty to inform you that Cheez-Its were added to our Front Office breakroom earlier this week.  They were a big hit, and gone within a mere 1.5 hrs.  They have not made a return appearance.  I promise to keep you up-to-date if anything changes on this front. 





  1. nancy.46

    If Fenway Park was in CA, you would want to build a new stadium-history or no history. The Big A in Anaheim is one of the most unstable parks due to all the rock concerts they have held there,e.g. the Rolling Stones. Sections of the stadium actually sway back and forth. Now, just think of a big earthquake during a game- it’s a nightmare, and I don’t go to that stadium anymore because of my morbid imagination. Now I bet those Neil Diamond fans can get pretty rowdy,too. You don’t want to stir up Boston’s patriotic vigor with “America” blasting every game-even without the earthquake threat.Remember you’re revolutionary past- you don’t want to set a revolution off just because of a close-call in favor of the Yankees by an umpire. Actually, a new fenway Park would not be a bad idea. At one in the morning, it can look like quite a monstrosity – the lights look the types dentist’s use to blind you!


    Good pickup by the sox acquiring Kotsay. Like you say “Voice”, he will shore up the outfield position and bring a decent bat with him. Instant Replay will be a good addition to the umpires squad. The difficulty in calling home runs might change the momentum a bit but I don’t think it will hurt the game and the work the umpires do in the game. Now if they begin using instant replay for baserunning and fielding plays, that I think, might be pushing it. It will not only make games longer, it will definately take the Human element (officials) out of the game. On to the “fan thats seen every home game since May 15, 2003” question. I have not but every home game I’ve seen on TV, there has been an older gentleman that sits right behind homeplate that I see. You probably know who I’m talking about, if not watch a few games and you’ll see him too. Have someone go down there one game and ask him, I’m sure he has! GO SOX!


    Kotsay, yeah, yeah.

    Where you going to put him?

    WhatEVER you do, just leave Ellsbury where is. I know his average isn’t that great, but he is #1 in stolen bases and he has some unidentifiable magic that he brings to the team – a spark as it were. If you don’t believe me just go back and look at what happened when he came on board at the end of last season.

    Do not, I repeat, do NOT take Jacoby out of the starting lineup.

    Thanks for listening.


    Hmm. Kotsay / Drew — almost interchangeable with the exception that Kotsay is more of a utility player… He can also play first if needbe, right? But — we have Sean Casey (who rocks, btw..) Kotsay is definitely a decent pickup, but not exciting…

    Exciting would be to somehow have pitching be improved upon.

    I personally love the instant replay concept and I agree that it should only be about Home Runs. Let’s face it, baseball isnt’ a fast paced game – so to start scrutinizing every stolen base, every run to first….the games would never end. I haven’t read about the policy in its entirety but it would be nice for there to be some parameter with using it. Something simliar to football,so that you’re only challenging a call when its really needing to be challenged.

    OMG, given some of the shaky umpiring could you imagine if it was used for balls/strikes?!?!?! YIKES.

    Anyway – the Sox are seemingly solid at the moment with bats which is good.

    Wow, you guys have good snack buying. Unlike my breakroom at work… sigh. The only upside is that they will buy Reese’s Peanut Butter cups on a regular basis which is perfect for picking me up on a less than sunny day… 😉

  5. soxinsider

    ahhh…I think I just figured out how to leave a comment on my own blog. Oddly enough, for those of you who were keeping up with things, the Cheez-Its made a comeback late yesterday afternoon! I’m beginning to think that our Human Resources department is keeping up with my blog…


    OMG that’s so funny — you couldn’t post to your own blog?! That in of itself is worthy of a posting! LOL. Well, at least on my blog it would be. 😉

    Sad to see the Yankees series not be a sweep, but it was a decent game none the less. Not feeling so sure about Okajima (clearly with good reason)….I’m banging that pitching drum again. 🙂

  7. amysoxgirl

    As sdmc5679 mentioned – there is one gentleman that sits behind home plate at every game. Who is he?? He’s become a bit of an obsession of mine. I call him ‘fan-bot’ because he doesn’t cheer anymore. He used to, if you go back and watch the older games he was clapping when the Sox did well. But now he’s out of the park as soon as the game is over and I think I saw him clap a little during the last inning of Lester’s no-hitter. If we get a walk-off win I always rewind to see if he was cheering or leaving. I can’t wait to get the ‘best games at Fenway’ DVD to see how long he has had that seat, and if he was ever excited. I hope if I’m ever lucky enough to get a seat like that I don’t become so jaded.

    OK – so sometimes there are really long at bats (especially with our patient hitters) and I find things to entertain myself with between pitches. My husband thinks I’m nuts, of course. I tell him to start worrying when I want to approach fan-bot at the games. Until then I’m just amusing myself. ^_^

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