Wednesday’s Lineups

Rock paper scissors.JPGBelow are tonight’s lineups…

but also noteworthy is one of tonight’s honorees…Sean Sears a Chicopee, MA native and winner of the U.S. Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship will be honored tonight in a Pre-Game Ceremony.  Sears will compete travel to China later this month to compete in the Rock-Paper-Scissors World Championship on August 20.  You can’t make this stuff up…


1.  Ian Kinsler (2B)

2.  Michael Young (SS)

3.  Josh Hamilton (CF)

4.  Milton Bradley (DH)

5.  Marlon Byrd (RF)

6.  Brandon Boggs (LF)

7.  Chris Davis (1B)

8.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia (C)

9.  Travis Metcalf (3B)

SP: Luis Mendoza (3-5, 7.50 ERA)


Red Sox

1.  J.D. Drew (RF)

2.  Dustin Pedroia (2B)

3.  David Ortiz (DH)

4.  Kevin Youkilis (3B)

5.  Jason Bay (LF)

6.  Jed Lowrie (SS)

7.  Sean Casey (1B)

8.  Jason Varitek (C)

9.  Coco Crisp (CF)

SP: Jon Lester (10-4, 3.23 ERA)




    Although he is the Captain and a very good defensive player, what is going on with Varitek? Does he have an injury that we do not know about? In my life (and I am not young) I cannot remember a starting player that is/was as horrible as he is at the plate. I believe that any other player would be sat down. Last night he again left (6) men on base. He is painful to watch at the plate and frankly I am fed up with his seemingly “so what” attitude at the plate.

    What are everyones thought on this sitution.




    Saw in the Boston Globe that Tek is filing for divorce. Maybe his family life is affecting his playing. It happens. I’m not ready to give up on him and I doubt Francona will either. Francona seems to show a lot of loyalty to his players to the extreme. I’m sure he left Zink in as long as he did because he wanted him to get the win.


    Seriously. Rock, paper, scissors?
    I’ve never played that in my life – let alone knew there was like a World Championship for it!! LOL.

    I’m hoping that today’s news about Jason is what has been ailing him and that maybe he can breathe a little easier now that it’s all out in the open. Maybe take the pressure off.

    He certainly has been struggling since April….and he hasn’t looked that good either, physically.

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