More than a feeling…

Is anyone else having a lot of fun watching the new incarnation of this Red Sox team? 

The “feel good” atmosphere in the clubhouse certainly seems to have spread to the field, where the team seems to have a newly unified sense of urgency and dedication to each game.  Not only that, but we’re winning games (so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice…)

I don’t think I’m alone in saying this,  but I’m sold on Bay so far.  He has definitely come as advertised (hustling around the bases, making GREAT defensive plays, and has a good deal of pop in his bat).  Not to mention, he’s showing us things we’ve never seen before

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Photo credit: Cindy Loo/Boston Red Sox

And very quietly, amid all the trade/Bay hullabaloo, has been the emergence of Jed Lowrie.  Not only is he coming through in some clutch situations, but he’s flashing the leather as well (Top 10 play for his work last night).  He may not be the most glamorous player on the roster, but he’s getting the job done…and at the end of the day, isn’t that what’s most important to Sox fans??

We’ll see how we do tonight in Kansas City and then over the weekend against the White Sox, in what should be a pretty tough series, but so far, I’m really enjoying our post-trade games.  It may not be the Ortiz-Ramirez show as we’ve had in the past, but you can count on each player 1-9 giving his all each day his name shows up in the lineup.  And that’s what baseball should be all about.

In any event, here’s what’s putting dents in the Green Monster this week…

20080708_MI_MIN0150.jpgWell deserved kudos go out to Sox pitcher (ace??) Jon Lester, who was named the American League’s pitcher of the Month for July.  Lester has been nothing short of stellar this year (10-3) (3.14 ERA).  He’s picked up the team when they’ve needed it the most and shown some poise and confidence well beyond his years.  Oh yeah, and lest we forget…he did throw a no-hitter.


Photo credit: Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox

And while not as young as Lester, there were some other dedicated baseball players here earlier this week.  We hosted a reunion for the 80 players from our Red Sox Fantasy Camp here at Fenway Park.  These men and women participated in the Fantasy Camp in February (in Florida), and then were invited to play 4-5 inning games here at Fenway this week.  They were able to use the visitors clubhouse, both dugouts and bullpens.  I feel like this is one of those things where not a lot of people realize this is something we do, because if they did, we’d get a lot more people participating.  It truly is a one of a kind experience (being coached by Red Sox alumni down in Florida, living out your dream to see what it’s like to play for the Red Sox, use our facilities, and be treated like a Red Sox player).  It really is pretty funny… I’ve seen some of these people at Fantasy Camp, and it’s like they’re 14 year old boys and girls again.  The smiles are bursting from their faces as they forget about the blackberries, kids, bills, trips to Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. for a little while.  Anyhow, if you or someone you know would be interested (makes a great gift) you can find out more here, or by calling 617-226-6400.

As for the mood in the office, I’d say the last homestand aged some of us quite a bit, but thankfully, this week has been much quieter.  And with a quieter officelaffy_taffy.jpg and a plethora of Laffy Taffy kicking around the office, we’ve been having daily readings of the jokes from the Laffy Taffy wrappers.  It’s a bit of a contest of sorts to see which member of the Front Office can figure out the answer first.  Some of the jokes are good, some are a little bit of a stretch, and some are…well…just so dumb, they’re funny…but it’s been a fun way to break up the day.  I’ve listed my favorite below for your enjoyment.

I’m going to try to start making a lot more blog entries as we head down the stretch, so be sure to check back often, and post comments!  I love hearing from all of you.  Or, of course, if you’re a bit more shy, you can always email me at!

All the best from inside the Front Office,

“The Voice”

LAFFY TAFFY Joke of the Day: Why did the buffalo go to the bank?

(I’ll take guesses below, and I’ll post the answer in my next entry)




    I don’t know the answer to the Laffy Taffy joke but I like the answer to our Manny problem… him and get a guy who wants to be here and play hard everyday and enjoy the best baseball town and fans around. Everyone is playing hard and congrats to Lester who has been able to step up and be that pitcher we need to pull out a win when needed. Lets finish off the royals and get those other sox. Go “RED” Sox!


    Everything is clicking so far,is a shame that Tampa still winning but is still August,Tampa has a tough schedule specially in September. I hope Jed Lowrie stays as the everyday shorstop,he has the same number of RBI that Lugo has,he remainds me when Ellsbury came up last year and the impact that he had.All I want is for him to stay as the everyday shorstop after Lugo comes back.


    Ditto for the good feelings about the Red Sox. I have ambivalent feelings about losing Manny, but he had to go. He’s been asking to leave for a couple of years now and was just bringing the team down. As to the answer to your question, “why did the buffalo go to the bank”, the answer is to cash in his chips.

    Smokey C


    Welcome Jason Bay to the Red Sox. Manny, thought it would be like in the past, demanded the trade, wanted out, well guess what, he wanted it and Theo gave it and I for one am glad that he did, it was time. So thank you Theo.

    Manny kept saying how the Red Sox didn’t show him respect, so far I haven’t read a negative from management about Manny, but I read allot that Manny had to say about management, so where is the respect?

    The team has had allot of adversity this year, it had to rely on young players, so regardless of how far the team goes this year, it does not matter, they will be better off in the long run.

    Best of luck to ALL. Love my SOX


    Many gave us good service with his great hitting talents over the years but I think that his “long sitdown” is an absolute discrace!!! I am suprised that he has not been severly punished by the Commissioner or even banned from baseball for his refusal to even make an effort to play for most of the last five or six weeks with Boston. The player that I am watching in LA this last 6 games is a new player. I think the Red Sox are much better off not having Manny for now and the long term future. Welcome Jason Bay. I’m a fan since 1947.

  6. aries

    You are so right; the energy and sparkle has returned. My spirits are up too. I believe we can reach our goal of winning and getting into the playoffs.
    One of my students was at the fantasy camp in Florida and was looking forward to playing at Fewway. I’m glad to read they had fun at Fenway and got the royal treatment. He promised me when he returns to Ca. I get to see pictures.
    You should post some of those pictures too on your blog.

    As for Manny, living here in L.A area and hearing everyone gloat on his fifth home run for the Dodgers has me very angry with him. He really is proving now how he hurt his teanmates in Boston. His actions and comments were shallow and the Red Sox Nation won’t forget this.


    LOL, you guys are JUST realizing that Jed Lowrie’s a valueable asset?!? A few friends and I have been campaigning “Lowrie for SS” for months now. 🙂

    I just heard that there’s going to be an investigation about Manny intentionally forcing the trade. Very interesting. I wonder how a salary cap might have impacted this kind of behaviour? Just a thought….

    Yes, I do like Jason Bay. He’s very JD Drew-like. I still have to continue my mantra: “middle relief, middle relief, middle relief….”

    Grape Laffy Taffy rocks. 😉


    I love this blog, but Insider come on….you really can’t see why more people don’t participate in the fantasy camp?? Take another look at the price tag and pretend you don’t work for the Red Sox Front Office. You might come up with a few answers then.
    I’m still not convinced on Lowrie. If he keeps hitting this way for the rest of the season, then maybe he’ll have my vote of confidence. But until then I remain skeptical about his offense. Defense has been great though.

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