Some things back on track, while others go automatic

ph_120074.jpgWhew…  I’m glad we’re back on the winning track!  Not only that, but hopefully we’ll have Papi back this weekend in time for the Yankees and Angels!  Those next couple of series could be as important as any we will face heading down the stretch.


Anyhow, here’s what’s putting dents in the Green Monster this week…

The whole office is buzzing as to whether or not we will/should do something before the trade deadline.  Now, I’m not sure I’m at liberty to say what the rumblings/thoughts are of my co-workers, but I would like to hear what you think. Make a major trade?  For a bat?  To shore up the bullpen?  What say you?  Write a comment and let me know!

Other than that, the only thing I have to report is that in at least one front office bathroom, we now have automatic toilets!  Too much information? 

On that note…

All the best from inside the front office!

“The Voice”


P.S. The Voice is on the run this week.  I promise to come back with more next week.

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    If we could make a move I think bullpen help would be #1 and a bat on the bench would be #2


    I think everyone would be in agreeance that middle relief is a gaping hole at the moment. I personally would love to see in addition to middle relief, another starter; a more seasoned starter. I just have never been convinced that Buchholz is ready yet. Just my humble opinion.

    No immediate need for SS – there’s Lowrie, Cora and Lugo. Though if there’s not enough confidence in Lowrie then I’d suggest SS. One with a bat. Something really must not have been right with Orlando Cabrera because I was so disappointed to have seen him be sent off. Guessing a clubhouse “issue”….

    As far as another big bat on the bench, I think it can wait until the offseason.

    I know that supply and demand is driving costs for players up at this late date; but truthfully, while I wouldn’t unequivocably (sp) say we can’t win the World Series without middle relief — I would venture to say that it will be a struggle without patching that spot.

    You asked for it…you got it. 😉


    The team needs to look at the bullpen for some help. I think if we are able to get someone that can handle the middle relief during games, we will have all the parts to cruise to another world series.
    Big weekend series coming up. Lets go SOX!!

  4. thisnyerlovestheredsox

    Speaking of Red Sox wives….I had always thought that fund raising would center around the RS WORLD SERIES wives autographing a ball for auction.

    Re: middle relief, get some!


    In my humble opinion. bolstering the bullpen has to take precedence over finding another bat for our lineup. It could help our bats produce a little more when the guys in the order don’t have to worry about our bullpen coming in and blowing another lead. Seeing that happen time and again must get disheartening to the guys at the dish.

    Our lineup is already a meat grinder, it is one of the best in the league op to bottom. What we need is to be able to get a lead and hold on to it.

    Craig Hansen has been miserable, and Aardsma and Delcarmen haven’t been much better. With the struggles of Okajima adding to our bullpen has to be on the top of the priority list.

    If no moves are made, I would like to see our late season rotation to be Beckett, Matsuzaka, Lester, Wakefield, Colon…with Buchholz, and Masterson helping out in the bullpen. Colon coming back off the DL and pitching well could change the entire complexion of our bullpen.


    I know this won’t be the most popular of comments, but I think the Sox should look into an outfielder who posses power, but more importantly, hits for average…as a replacement for Manny. I love Manny as much as the next Sox fan, but between this year and last year, he hasn’t come close to being worth the $20 million/year that he “earns”. For $20 million/year, I think the Sox could easily get a Matt Holliday type player AND could add a good reliever to the bullpen…like Huston Street for example.

    At any rate, the Sox BETTER make some deals before the deadline or they can kiss the playoffs goodbye. I honestly think the Rays are “for real” and will keep up their pace from the first half of the season, and the Yankees have already made a great deal in acquiring Xavier Nady, and rumor has it, they might also add Jared Washburn. Simple math would tell you that the Sox have to AT LEAST beat one of those teams, and I don’t think they can with the way things are right now.


    Has anyone considered that Manny could be bi-polar. It seems that there are times when he acts so animated and times when he looks so depressed. This passed week there was a new moon going into a full moon on aug 16th. I use to work in one of the major trauma emergency rooms in Boston. We use to get people in during tose times with unusual behavior. All you have to do is listen to some of the news stories of people doing strange this this past week like the man who took his clothes off during a flight. Maybe Manny has a mental or emotional disorder. Go Red Sox


    Just to clarify, my suggestion to get rid of Manny has nothing to do with Manny’s recent comments. It has everything to do with the fact that the Sox pay him a lot of money, and he just hasn’t been producing the way he should be for the amount of money he makes. PLUS, I dont know this for a fact, but I’m speculating that he’s gonna want to make more money when he signs his new contract, just like everyone else does as their career progresses. Heres the problem with that: why would anyone pay MORE for someone who is doing LESS??? When the Sox signed him, you could almost count on 40+ HRs and 120+ RBIs per year, so it made sense to give him all that money back then. Its just not a smart idea to pick up his option for $20 million next year. Hes not worth $20 million anymore. Basically, either trade him now, and actually get something in return for him, or wait until the end of the season and watch him sign with another team. The sensible thing to do is to trade Manny. The Sox may not get “fair value” for him, but it’s better than getting nothing for him when he becomes a free agent. Thank him for his contributions to the team. Thank him for bringing the World Series trophy back to Boston. Thank him for all the memories, but let him know that this is what’s best for the team.


    Let’s not get crazy about Manny just yet. The magic of Otiz / Ramirez in that lineup is the heart of the Red Sox. These 2 guys feed off of each other, and last night we saw the start of that magic kicking in again. It’s contagious for the other players too. Manny got a little upset with the media circus accusing him of not producing and responded accordingly. I prefer to call it what it was, a slump. Give Manny the benefit of the doubt, and see what he can do in the 2nd half. He may just surprise a lot of people, and justify keeping him around for another year. I cannot think of one other batter I would rather see coming to the plate in a clutch situation.

  10. bucksboy76

    I think a trade for Manny Ramirez should be to a team that has guts to make him get a hair-cut and wear a uniform, not pajamas…WHAT A SLOB!!!

  11. junojen

    I say put a package together of either Cora or Lowrie with Crisp and go for Fuentes or some other good reliever. I’d love to see Lugo go bye-bye, but I don’t think that’s possible, is it? (Only in my dreams…)

    Obviously the bullpen is suffering. Transitioning Masterson there was a good move. I have faith in him and Aardsma but Del Carmen and Hansen are very iff-y. As for starters, I agree that Bucholz is shakey at best. He needs more time in AAA.

    One announcer (Orel or Steve) made a good point last night on ESPN during the game – if you are playing on a team that doesn’t make a trade by the deadline, then you know that the other teams are doing things to get better while your team is not, and that can be de-motivating. A team always has room to improve so they should always make some kind of adjustment by the trading deadline. I agree 100% with his opinion.

    As for all the Manny talk – I can’t say I disagree with with these comments. The guy is a loose cannon, but when he and Ortiz deliver at the plate, they are pure magic. I just wish he had a better attitude (and hair cut!). BTW – I was in Baltimore for his 500th HR. Good times!

    I also miss Orlando Cabrera. That guy plays with a lot of heart. We haven’t been right at SS since he departed the Sox.

    For whatever it’s worth — my $0.02.


    Maybe,this message doesnt have anything to do with the blog,but I just wanted to know if there is someone in the dogout or the front office who is dealing with the Manny Ramirez situation. He is my favorite player,and he is a great player but his recent behavior is just killing the team in many different ways.I wonder what the other players are thinking when they see him almost walking to first base everytime he hits a groundball,maybe his knees are sore,but I think they did MRI’s and everything came out good.
    He said that he is not going to oppose a trade,but seriously they way he is playing the game right now is just ridiculous,hitting homeruns is not everything.I know a trade is almost impossible but I really hope that this drama is going to be over this season(we should get Holiday). Manny is great,he has delivered the team with two championships,but after this season I think is time to move on.


    Another thing is the ss situation.Please if the Red Sox cannot aquire **** before the deadline,dont bring back Lugo next season,there is no production at all in that position.Lugo is hitting 261 with 1 HR and 22 RBI,if you look around the numbers around the league in that position,you’ll see what I mean,plus his defense this year has been erratic,and now injuries.


    I am praying that Manny will not be traded. We love him anyway. The focus must be on finding good pitchers.


    I think the Sox should wait to trade Manny until after the season ends. Why disrupt things more than they allready are? If the do, they might try the Cinn. Reds. A nice even trade for K.G. Jr. He makes less money and bats just as well. Plus Griffey is a better outfielder.

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