Seats for Soldiers Day, Governors of Red Sox Nation, and Swedish Fish

Some thoughts off the top before we get into what’s been going on inside the Front Office this week…

Thanks for all of the comments last week!  I got some great suggestions for re-naming the blog, but I want to keep the competition open a bit longer, so keep the suggestions coming!  Oh, and my apologies, I’m a blogging rookie and have no idea what “tag cloud” means…somebody asked me in last week’s comments and I can’t say I have the foggiest notion.  If someone wants to fill me in, that would be great.


Ok, here’s what’s putting dents in the Green Monster this Week…

18 runs??? really?  Boy it’s good to be home!  As I mentioned in the free Insider e-newsletter, I was just down on the field for our pre-game ceremonies for today’s (Wednesday) game.  I wanted to be sure I was down there because today is Seats for Soldiers Day at Fenway.  Essentially, it’s a way for the players, organization, and season ticket holders

First Pitch.JPG
to honor the service of our active men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Over 1,000 tickets were donated to those actively serving.  As part of the special pre-game ceremonies, we just saw a live transmission on our videoboard from over 80 soldiers in Camp Fallujah, Iraq.  Sox fan Sergeant Major Neil O’Connell, of West Yarmouth, MA spoke live to all the fans in attendance, and cheered on his hometown team.  Very very cool moment.  I think NESN carried the ceremony live, so if you can, try to check it out.  Also, if you were at the ballpark and didn’t get the chills when the Ceremonial First Pitch was thrown out by Michelle Saunders (above), a recipient of the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart, you aren’t human.  Ms. Saunders is veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom who once carried a mortally wounded soldier from a battle site, while under heavy fire, breaking her own back in the process.  She spent 22 months recovering at Walter Reed Medical Center.


Also spotted around the ballpark this week were five of the six newly selected Governors of Red Sox Nation. 

Governors of RSN.JPG
There is one governor for each state in New England.  And for you out-of-towners, do not fear…due to popular demand, applications are now being accepted (visit for more details) for Red Sox Nation Gubernatorial positions in the remaining 44 states, and the District of Columbia!


And one more note before I get back to watching the game (aren’t day games the best??)…Somebody also mentioned that while gummi bears are a great break room snack, that Swedish Fish would be an even better recommendation for our break room.  I’ll have you know that your comment would make one unnamed Front Office curmudgeon very pleased.  For weeks he kept filling our break room suggestion box with that very recommendation.  Eventually the curmudgeon got his way and we got the Swedish Fish.  Though we probably only get them once a month (and they go VERY fast!). 


And in case you were wondering about the new break room addition for this week…  Flavor Ice!  Great for the heat we’ve had here lately!  I swear grown-ups work here…


Finally, a big thanks to our photo department who provided me with these great photos today (like this one below of the live transmission of soldiers at Camp Fallujah, Iraq) – I forgot my camera at home.  Note the 2007 Championship banner in the background of the soldiers.  It is an exactly replica, specially made, of the one that hangs from the centerfield foul pole at Fenway Park. 

 I love hearing from all of you, so submit your comments on the blog or via email at!

All the best!

“The Voice” 




  1. aries

    Great pictures and good work on the blog.
    You can contact M@M candy company and have M@M’s printed Red Sox for your break room.
    My husband Frank turns 75 years young tomorrow and his M@M’s will have Happy Birthday Frank plus 75. I chose green and white for the color. They come in neat packages and you can order on line.

    Loved today’s score–I was getting tired of one run games.
    A for the blog.
    Elaine Liming The Teacher

  2. rsnvp

    Hey Voice,
    Keep up the magnificent work…. Red Sox Nation wants to know….
    — Regular Rob, VP of RSN


    LOL, then clearly – great minds think alike as your front office curmudgeon (does he know you call him that? LOL) and I would obviously get along quite nicely. 😉

    What a fantastic All Star Game last night. Truthfully, I was surprised by the NL; I know they had a good team this year, but wow – pitching and fielding was really so very good. I unfortunately was not able to stay up for the end of the game…but highlights were awesome to watch.

    Not so thrilled w/ the NY fans & media and how they conducted themselves. I ranted about it a bit on my blog today. There’s always someone who’s just got to take things to the wrong level and the wrong time. Disappointing for sure.

    Oh and for the record…Blue Flavor Ice – is the best. 😉

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