Ok…Tonight’s Ceremonial First Pitch will be…

…thrown by Trot Nixon!!!

I know I said I’d probably get fired if I said anything about it before the game, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore.  I want to make sure our fans are there to see this.  It should be a great moment for Trot, and a great moment to get the crowd fired up.


    Brian Babineau/Boston Red Sox

To be quite honest with you, our crowd has been a bit dormant lately, and I’m hoping that by letting this one out of the bag, it’ll help get fans in their seats for the start of the game.

As “due” as Ortiz, Tek, and Jacoby are…the fans are just as “due.”

We all know that we have better fans than the Rays, but honestly, we haven’t seen it yet.  I think it’s the organization’s belief that our fans don’t need towels, thundersticks, or cowbells because we’re loud enough on our own.  And I happen to agree whole-heartedly. 

But I have to say, walking around the park yesterday, I didn’t see that (and yes, the on-field performance can be in part to blame but the crowd wasn’t that loud before we started losing either!).

So I’m calling on those of you who are coming to the game to step it up.  And for those of you who know somebody who is going to the game, please let them know, NOW is the time to get loud and make sure that we make Fenway shake tonight!  Dress all in red, paint your face or your belly (wait, strike that…maybe the face is sufficient)…do what ever you can to get your section standing/cheering/making noise.

Come out and cheer for Trot during the pre-game ceremonies.  Let him know how much we appreciated his hard-nosed play day-in and day-out during his time here.  Come out and cheer on our current team and let them know that being down 2-1 means nothing in Red Sox Nation.  Let’s take this series back!

Let’s do this!

“The Voice”

PS – From what I overheard, Trot was EXTREMELY honored to be asked to throw out the first pitch.

PPS – There are more than a few members of the Front Office over here who are more than a little excited about Trot coming back (ahem…Abby).


  1. amarige022@comcast.net

    Hot to Trot Nixon… very cool. šŸ˜‰
    I’m sure that will get the fans fired up.
    Wish I could say I would be there….. but alas, I lost all the lottery possiblities. Oh well.

    I think you might be mistaken their dormancy for nervousness. This is probably the first year in many that we’re just not feeling all that confident in the post season.

    Can’t wait til game time!!!
    Let’s hope for some run support!!!


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